A guide to Bendon Lingerie new collections


Our new collections are finally HERE. Amidst the curveballs and uncertainties of a global pandemic, our commitment to bring you beautiful, innovative, fit-enhanced lingerie is unshakeable.  

Bendon Lingerie is a house of brands, with each of our brands offering something a little different from the next. Across our brands, you will find new laces, new prints, new embellishments, new technology, and new colour, but one thing that remains the same across all of our new styles is comfort. We like to think of lingerie as the daily armour to give you the pep-in-your-step, the girl- (or boy-) boss confidence, the kick-ass strength to take on whatever the day brings, and because of that, comfort is key.

With our house of brands, you can always find something that is right for you. You can stick with a brand you know and love, or choose from our variety of brands based on the style and fit you prefer. Whether your style preference is glamourous, elegant, paired-back, or modern, we are quietly confident that you will find a range (or many) perfect for you. 

We recommend shopping by fit and breast shape, but once you find a style you love that fits well the world is your oyster.  

In this guide, we’re giving you the low down on all of our lingerie brands, what our customers love about them, and the latest arrivals from each.



Our classic house brand that you can always trust to bring reliable, comfortable, and innovative staples into your lingerie collection. Bendon’s underwear range covers a vast number of styles, fabrics, and colours, offering everyday breathability and comfort. 

The Bendon brand is perfect for:

Everyone! If you’re looking for something to keep up with your everyday lifestyle, Bendon is your brand. Bendon is modern and relevant through a perfect marriage of innovation with beautifully classic and contemporary design, strongly focused on bringing you comfort and support every day. Bendon is also a great brand for those with bigger breasts, as the brand is on a journey  towards catering for women of all sizes. Find beautiful bra styles in an extended plus-size range for up to size 20 backs and up to a G cup. 

Inspiration for the new collection

Staying true to Bendon’s DNAthe new collection ‘Conscious Unity’ is designed with intention and purpose. Fusing innovation, function, and support with elegance and timelessness.  


The new collection’s colour palette starts off dark with mystical, purple-tinted blues that evolves into more moonlit and pastel shades. As we transition through the warmer seasons we see fresh neutrals and calmer, softer shades of pearl, zephyr and gardenia, and finishing on a high of bright sun-kissed pink shades. 

The new collection campaign was shot by Renee Bevan, who is skilled at illuminating women’s natural beauty through her beautifully lit photography and her gentle presence that makes models feel at ease. The campaign’s creative direction was to shoot modern women in a clean calm studio setting so that the imagery would focus on the technology and innovation of the pieces. 

New arrivals in Bendon

me. by bendon 


Me. by bendon is the newest addition to our house of brands, joining the Bendon Lingerie family in February 2021. me. by bendon is all about enabling women to confidently discover and embrace their individual style. This brand offers trend-led feminine designs and comfortable classics. Included in me. by bendon’s stylish range are bralettes and soft cups, contour bras, underwire bras, push-up bras, demi bras, and maternity bras. 

me. by bendon brand is perfect for: 

The trend-setting lingerie lover! If you love fashion and finding new ways to express your most authentic self, look no further than me. by bendon. These beautifully engineered fashion intimates are here to help you express your individuality, your way.

Inspiration for the new collection

We launched this brand in the middle of a pandemic, so we felt it was only right to bring the sentimental feelings and learnings from this uncertain time through to this collection, ‘A New Me’. This collection is inspired by the heightened urge to feel free yet to also hold on tight to the things you love and what makes you, you.  


The new collection’s colour palette opens with moody deeper darker blues and quickly moves towards lighter and brighter pinks. Nearing the end of the season the focus shifts to neutral tones that provide feelings of comfort. 

The latest me. by bendon campaign aims to tells the real stories behind each of the women featured. To learn about the diverse worlds our talent came from we interviewed them during castings and requested that they bring a collection of personal objects and memorabilia to the photoshoot to visually represent their worlds. The campaign was shot by dynamic duo Karen Inderbitzen-Waller and Delphine Avril-Planqueel, who successfully illuminated all of the unique qualities our talent possess. 

New arrivals in me. by bendon

Pleasure State


Pleasure State is a lingerie brand that exists to add a little bit of luxury and passion to your everyday. This brand is sexy, seductive, and will unlock all of your inner desires. Pleasure State lingerie is designed to make you feel empowered!  Wear it to surprise your lover or romance yourself. Pleasure State will mesmerise you with the level of details and embellishments, from peek-a-boo cut-outs to Swarovski crystals. Dare to discover the full range of luxury lingerie beyond bras and briefs, including bodysuits, suspenders, chemises, robes and hosiery.

Pleasure State Collections

There are three distinct collections within the Pleasure State Brand

My Fit was established in 2005 as a range of elevated basics focussed on exceptional fit and uplift. This range features two push-up profiles using innovative technology, OMB ‘Oh My Bod and FMO ‘For Me Only’. OMB provides a 200% boost profile, and FMO provides a graduated push-up profile. 
White Label consists of opulent everyday lingerie. White Label designs feature branded hardware, vibrant prints, smooth satin, and graphic lace.  
The Couture 
collection is a range of highly embellished avant-garde lingeriePleasure State Couture styles are the ultimate indulgence. 

Pleasure State brand is perfect for:

The Pleasure State woman commands attention. She is effortlessly sensual and mysteriously alluring. It’s all about confidence and glamour.

Inspiration for the new collection

The new collection ‘Paradise Bloom’ transports you to an indulgent tropical fantasy world. Replacing traditional rose prints and floral laces with exotic orchids and hibiscus blooms, this collection stays true to the essence of Pleasure State through much-loved branded hardware and glamorous embellishments.  


True blue tones from our last collection have transformed into teal hues for Paradise Bloom’s colour palette. A fresh injection of peach tones reflects the florals of the season and the tropical aesthetic. Muted mid pinks and purples elevate the colour palette, while white plays a key part in lightening the collection's palette.  

The Pleasure State campaign was shot by Stephen Tilley, whose imaginative eye and vibrant energy is what we needed to help create the spellbinding fantasy world. The creative direction was to build a highly stylised enchanted set, featuring exotic lush greenery that would whisk people away to paradise.    

New arrivals in Pleasure State



Fayreform is a meeting of two words: ‘Fayre’ (beautiful) and ‘form’ (bodies). Fayreform is a much-loved brand that  has been perfecting D-G cups for almost 90 years. Fuller cups require more support and Fayreform has become a trusted brand specialising in supportive and comfortable lingerie that never compromises on elegance. The Fayreform brand often offers styles that cater to sizes 10-24, and B-J cups. 

Fayreform brand is perfect for:

The woman with curves. The Fayreform woman is elegant and classic, and we are committed to finding a feminine foundation for your curves. If you are looking for an exquisite solution for your fuller cup, you are going to adore this brand.

Inspiration for the new collection

Fayreform’s new collection ‘Past & Future Fusions’ intertwines modern technology and trends whilst honouring the heritage Fayreform aesthetic. Re-worked lace and classical embroideries are layered with innovative constructions such as embedded flexible underwires and seamless fabric technology. Each design speaks to an updated sense of what supportive lingerie can be, whilst closely aligning to the known and loved Fayreform style.   


Dark rich greens and warm nude hues open the collection’s colour palette, and then we move to a deep tawny port alongside a soft silvery eucalyptus tone. We see the collection transition to lighter neutrals and calmer softer shades of wood-rose, coral cloud, lilac ash as we end the season. 

The Fayreform campaign was shot by Guy Coombes, who is known for his elegant and contemporary fashion imagery. The creative direction for the campaign was to showcase the lingerie in natural light accompanied by chic and modern surroundings on an effortlessly beautiful and elegant model. 

New arrivals in Fayreform



Lovable is the cheeky sister in the Bendon Lingerie family, here for a good time. Lovable features vibrant colours and youthful designs that are worn-to-be-seen. This brand covers comfortable basics and is well-known for its wide range of soft cup and bralette styles. The Lovable range starts at an 8AA, making it a great brand for those who are petite or buying their first bra. 

Lovable brand is perfect for:

The adventurous spirit who is wild at heartWhether you are looking for a first bra or that perfect bralette for your festival looks, you’ll find your perfect fit within the extended AA-G cup size range in this collection.

Inspiration for the new collection

One word to sum up Lovable’s new collection is COLOUR. If you’re looking for lingerie that warms your soul with its vibrant colours and youthful designs, look no further. This collection is inspired by embracing adventure and feeling free. 

The new collection’s colour palette starts with subtle sand and rich blues, moving swiftly into radiant pinks and warm colours that feel like sunshine. 


Aligning with the bright colours and youthful designs of the new collection the Lovable campaign takes you on a spontaneous road trip free of worry and full of joy. The campaign was shot by Olivia Kirkpatrick who is well known for her experience in fashion photography and fun-styled children’s portraits, this experience brought energy and an adventurous eye. 

New arrivals in Lovable 

Bendon Man

Our classic house men’s brand is for every man, every occasion, every day. Popular with men of all ages, the fit of our designs have been perfected so there is no excuse for bad underwear. Bendon Man offers a wide range of colours, prints, and stripes across brief and trunk styles. Available online and in-store, shop for yourself or as a gift for the man in your life. 

Discover the Bendon Man collection. 


For the guy who isn’t afraid to shake things up with a whole lot of colour and vibrant prints. You could say Davenport is the brother of Lovable, carefree and spontaneous. Davenport has got comfortable cotton stretch briefs and trunks covered. 

Discover the Davenport collection.  

Find your perfect fit at Bendon 

At Bendon Lingerie, you really are spoilt for choice. With our house of brands and the hundreds of styles in-store and online, you are sure to find styles perfect for you. Visit your nearest store or shop online using our handy size guide.

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The Bendon Lingerie Team x