Underwear That Every Woman Needs 


There’s no denying that a good pair of underwear can make or break an outfit - not to mention the subconscious confidence that great looking and feeling derrière can inspireFrom the moment you step outside your house the underwear that you choose to be the foundation of your outfit will stick with you around the clock; from your morning coffee, through your all-day meetings, your 3.30-itis, your 5 PM gym class, and then your 7 PM date night with Netflix. Comfort and function is the name of the game when it comes to choosing your brief. 

This is exactly what our designer for the Everyday Briefs range has tackled. Each fabric, construction, detail, cut and colour is carefully considered so that your every need is met to the highest standard - 6 styles across 3 fabrics, a variety of colours, and an XS-2XL size range. 


The materials of the Everyday Briefs 

Whether you’re loyal to lace or a sucker for seamless, we’ve got you covered. Each fabric offers different benefits, and when searching for the best fabric for you*hint* it is the one that you feel most comfortable in. 

Seamless – The stretchy one

Made without any restrictive waist elastics or seams, this fabric is soft and stretchy with a smooth finish. Cotton has been knitted seamlessly into the gusset for maximum breathability and comfort.  

No Show – The smooth one

Your invisible friend, featuring raw-cut edges and perfectly flat bonded seams, the No Show briefs guarantee zero-VPL, your bottom will feel as smooth as a baby’s. Designed with a 100% cotton gusset for maximum breathability and comfort. 

Lace – The pretty one

The belle of the ball, featuring floral lace that is soft and stretchy, adding a feminine and delicate touch to your underwear. Designed with a 100% cotton gusset for maximum breathability and comfort. 

The 6 styles of Bendon’s Everyday Briefs range 


Not to be confused with a flip-flop (Aussie friends we’re looking at you!), this style offers minimal back coverage. Thongs are often worn with bodycon dresses, tight skirts, pants, or leggings, as their purpose is to be an extremely discreet form of protection between your crotch and clothing. Not leaving a lot to the imagination, a Thong is also considered one of the sexiest underwear styles. Everyday Briefs Thong range is available in Seamless and Lace

High Rise Thong

A higher-waisted Thong option offering the same level of bottom coverage as a regular Thong, but more coverage around the torso. The High-Rise Thong is available in No Show, so it is the ideal style for tight high-waisted pants, skirts, and leggingsit will feel (and look) like you’re wearing nothing. 

Bikini Brief 

Referring to the cut of the brief as opposed to the Bondi uniform, the Bikini Brief has small sides and offers moderate coverage. Bikini Briefs are an incredibly popular style, as they’re the coverage compromise between a Thong and a Full Brief, and a height compromise between a Brazilian Brief and a High-Rise Brief. Bikini Briefs are available in No Show and Seamless and are best matched with mid-rise jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses.  

Brazilian Brief 

Named after the world-renowned style of swimsuit worn on the beaches of Brazil, the Brazilian Brief is the Bikini Briefs cheekier friend. Brazilian Briefs cover the top half of your bottom, has wider sides, and are suited to be worn with low-rise pants and skirts as they are designed to sit lower on your hips. The Brazilian Briefs range is available in Lace Trim. 

High Rise Brief  

When total comfort comes calling, High-Rise Brief is the answer. Not only does the high-waisted design make you feel secure, but it is also the best style to combat those awkward moments when you bend over and feel a slight breeze between your pants and your top. This style offers the most coverage out of all the Everyday Brief range and is available in No Show, Seamless, and Lace.High-Rise Brief is the ideal style for any time that you want to feel covered and secure.  

High Cut Brief

Featuring the same waist height as the High-Rise Brief but offering slightly less bottom coverage, the High-Cut Brief elongates your legs and continues to make you feel secure around the torso. The High-Cut brief range is available in Seamless and Lace Trim and is the ideal style for any time that you are wanting to feel covered, secure, and have the longest legs in the land. 

Bendon Everyday Briefs range covers all bases - style, function, comfort, and colour - whatever your need or personal preference, we have a solution for you. Put an end to your wardrobe malfunctions, and start mix and matching your favourite Everyday Brief styles - any 3 for just $35.