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Free Delivery On Orders over $100
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The most sustainable love is open and honest. So we're just going to come out and say it: we've got a lot of work to do to change the way we do business.
We need to do better because you deserve better. ​

This is why we're looking at the way we do things across all aspects of our business. From the products we design to the way we support our partners, suppliers, communities and team members to how we show up in-store, we're committed to making better, more sustainable choices, so you can too. ​

We can't do everything – some things are tricky to control – and we won't always get it right. Just know that we're committed to doing better in every way we can while balancing the fit, comfort and quality you expect from Bendon. ​

We're committed to making better, more sustainable choices, so the only imprint we leave on this planet is more women feeling comfortable and confident... today and in our tomorrow.​

Your team at Bendon.​

Corporate Social Responsibility - Planet LoveCorporate Social Responsibility - Planet Love

To secure our planet for tomorrow, we're looking at ways to reduce waste, emissions, and plastics, including switching our plastic hangers in-store to a more eco-friendly recycled option.​

Corporate Social Responsibility - People LoveCorporate Social Responsibility - People Love

To create positive environments in the places we live and work, we’re looking at how we host our community, customers, and teams so that everyone we interact with can feel represented, respected, supported, and appreciated.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Product LoveCorporate Social Responsibility - Product Love

We're committed to building our conscious ranges, improving material sourcing and production processes, improving factory conditions while promoting women's health and wellbeing so that you can feel confident in Bendon products for life.​


Here are a few thing's we're doing to create change.


Corporate Social Responsibility - Conscious RangesCorporate Social Responsibility - Conscious Ranges

We're committed to building our conscious ranges, whilst balancing the fit, quality and comfort you would expect from Bendon Lingerie brands.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Thread TogetherCorporate Social Responsibility - Thread Together

Bendon has been a partner of Thread Together since early 2020. Since then, we have donated over 100k pieces of lingerie to women in need.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Diversity & InclusionCorporate Social Responsibility - Diversity & Inclusion
We believe that a diverse team of people brings a new array of perspectives to the table, which is the vital ingredient that propels us to be a better and more innovative company.
Corporate Social Responsibility - Employee BenefitsCorporate Social Responsibility - Employee Benefits

We are passionate about creating a great culture for our team members. This is embedded in everything we do, from a casual and warm environment though to our employee benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility - Factory StandardsCorporate Social Responsibility - Factory Standards

All Bendon Tier One factories are audited, to ensure standards around age, working conditions and pay are satisfied.