If you are looking at maternity bras, congratulations! At Bendon, we want our mummas and mummas-to-be to feel comfy and supported throughout their pregnancy journey.

Our maternity bras support your breasts as they grow and change. For a full guide on all things related to maternity bras, head to our guide on how to support your breasts during pregnancy

What is the difference between a maternity bra and a normal bra?

A lot of women wonder whether they can keep wearing a normal bra throughout pregnancy. However, this can be quite difficult due to the fact that your breasts are continuously growing and changing throughout this time. Maternity bras have the advantage of being kitted out with features that cater to these ongoing changes. Some of these features include wire-free cup construction for comfort, as well as extra-long hook and eye adjustments so you are sorted before and after birth. Not to mention, the fabrics are soft, stretchy and supportive, with extra lining in the cups to protect from leakage. 

When should you start wearing a maternity bra?

The time to start wearing maternity bras can differ from person to person. However, a good time is generally around the 16-week mark or during the second trimester. There are a few signs you’ll want to look out for too, such as outgrowing your current bra and feeling uncomfortable. The straps may start to dig in and your breasts may begin spilling over the cups. Another sign to look out for is the feeling of fullness in your breasts. 

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