About us

About Us

Welcome to Bendon Lingerie, where we're committed to creating quality, comfortable, and stylish lingerie that fits your unique lifestyle and body. Our history dates to 1947 when our founder had the idea to liberate women from restrictive and rigid corsets with lingerie that would BEND ON their bodies, hence our name. In 2020, we returned to our roots as a New Zealand company, focused on designing and creating innovative, fashionable bras that never compromise on comfort and superior fit. 

At Bendon Lingerie, we're passionate about supporting women across their lifetimes with a range of brands designed to meet their unique needs. Our house of brands includes Bendon for everyday lifestyle and comfort, Me. By Bendon for fashion-led style, Pleasure State for elevated luxury, Fayreform for refined elegance for larger cups, Lovable for loving life, and Bendon Man for everyday dependability. 

We take pride in giving each of our brands a clear identity, attributes, and handwriting. We focus on honouring our heritage styles while showing innovation and trend direction for each brand, always with a core focus on consistent fit. Every garment is carefully fitted in development, from base fitting to full-size range, with attention to grading, structure, and support using fit models. 

We believe that comfort and beauty begin with correctly fitted lingerie that supports your shape and style. A bra is a complex item that is constructed with up to 25 different pieces and sewing steps. Our focus is always on getting the details right, from the straps to the base or band to the cup construction. Each design has its unique fit, and we're committed to using sustainable and ethically sourced materials wherever possible. 

At Bendon Lingerie, our values centre around making all women feel confident and comfortable for life. Our purpose is to create, educate, and provide women with beautiful, innovative lingerie that is designed to enhance comfort and fit.

We're passionate about becoming a brand as a force for good in the world, focused on creating positive environments in the places we live and work, supporting breast health and body positivity, and broadening the definition of beauty. We're committed to building community and education, both in schools and through our community management and supportive partnerships. 

Thank you for choosing Bendon Lingerie as your go-to for quality, comfortable, and stylish lingerie. We're excited to continue empowering women with products that support their lifestyles and bodies while also working towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

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