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At Bendon, our fit expertise has helped make us a household name. We offer free fittings in every Bendon Lingerie and Outlet store, and offer a range of digital tools to help you choose the perfect fit while shopping online.

Bras are arguably the trickiest item of clothing to find your perfect fit, with almost 90 possible sizes in the range once you include back and cup sizes. But at Bendon we know how to get it just right. Let’s find you a bra that fits and flatters your body, leaving you feeling comfortable and ready to face whatever the day brings.

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Fit Experts

Signs its time to get fitted for a new bra

Hi, it’s your lingerie agony aunt here, and it is my duty to let you know when it’s time to break up. With your old bra, that is.

9 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Bra

How to measure yourself at home

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? A great fitting bra does a number of things!

Bra Fitting 101

Bra Sizes Explained with our handy size chart

Take a look at our size chart, comparing your measurements to check your Bra, Brief, Sleepwear or shapewear size.

Bra Size Chart

A beginners guide to buying your daughter her first bra

Buying a girl's first bra is super exciting - your little girl is growing up!   While some tweens and teens have been waiting.

The ‘First Bra’ for Beginners: How to buy your daughter her first bra

Fit Issues & Solutions

Fit Issues and Solutions

Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? 

Say no to  slipping straps and gaping cups and yes to a better fitting bra that won’t let you down.

Learn about the most common bra fit issues and solutions.

Bra Fitting 101

What Happens at a Fitting

Curious about what happens at a bra fitting but too afraid to ask? We’re pulling back the curtain to answer your burning questions. Bra fittings at Bendon Lingerie are quick and painless - you can even keep your clothes on! Find out what happens at an in-store fitting and why it’s the best way to find your perfect fit.

Getting Fitted In-store and What to Expect

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Briefs and Underwear

Learn about the key differences between the staple styles and get clued up on specialty styles like period underwear and shapewear underwear. Explore all the underwear guides and advice from Bendon Lingerie.

The Complete Guide to Underwear

Lingerie & Lingerie Extras

Discover all the information you need to know from taping your boobs to why does my strapless bra keep falling down in our Lingerie and Lingerie Extras guides.

Lingerie & Lingerie Extras


Comfort equals confidence in our books, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Bodywear - the new shapewear - and help find the right solution for you.

How to choose the perfect shapewear for you?