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Best Sports Bras for Yoga

Living in the social media era, we’re constantly exposed to other people's health-conscious lifestyles. It’s no surprise that Yoga has exploded in popularity over the past few years. With moreandmore people focusing on their mental health, the benefits of a regular yoga practice are quite convincing. As if that wasn’t enough, we can now access hundreds of yoga exercise videos at the push of a button, all from the comfort of our own living room. With so many new yogis’ on the scene, many have been searching for the perfect sports bra. And although yoga is deemed a low-impact workout, the nature of the practice requires you to hold some rather interesting poses for long periods. It’s essential to wear the right bra during your workout, regardless of whether you’re in a studio or your living room. 

Why wear a sports bra?

You might be tempted to wear your regular bra when heading to your next yoga class. But, wearing a sports bra is key to being comfortable and a serene practice - think about those 60-90 minute hot yoga classes, sweat is dripping down your forehead, and you’re breathing through intense discomfort. Make things a little easier on yourself by wearing the right bra. But, it’s not just all about finding a comfortable bra. 

A good sports bra minimises breast pain by reducing breast movement while you’re exercising. Most breast pain during exercise is a result of your breasts not being supported properly. The best sports bra will move with your body while your body stretches and bends. It should also have sweat-wicking properties, so you don’t have to put up with being sweaty after classes. Trust us when we tell you that our sports bras are tried, tested and exercise approved! 

Top 3 sports bras for yoga

Whether you’re looking for a versatile style to wear for various workouts or looking for a bra for your specific breast size, we’ve got something for you. We've picked our top styles to help you in your quest for the perfect sports bra. Ensure you’ve got a trusted sports bra that’s supporting you through your yoga session; here are our top 3 picks:

1. Bendon Sport Breathe Sports Bra

If you’re on the hunt for a versatile sports bra, our Bendon Breathe Sports Bra might be the style for you. Designed to feel like a comfortable crop top, you’ll be able to wear this to all of your different yoga classes and so much more. It’s specifically designed for extra support and impact control.

Available in sizes 10B to 16E, this style is excellent for women with a mid to larger bust. 

Why you’ll love it: 

This style features moisture control fabric that quickly draws sweat away from the body, which is perfect for hot yoga lovers. The ventilated foam cup is super lightweight, so it will allow air to circulate easily. This will be a godsend for your 60+ minute yoga classes. 

Here is a little snapshot of what our lovely customers have to say about the Bendon Sport Breathe Sports Bra: 

“Definitely recommend - Really comfortable and supportive. Best sports bra I’ve ever bought. Will buy again” - Theresa

“Great sports bra for those of us with a fuller figure - One of the best sports bras I have had” - Suzanne 

“Super Comfy and great support.” - Anne

2. Bendon Active Sports Bra

Holding long yoga poses can be challenging at the best of times; the last thing you need to be worrying about is a restrictive sports bra. If your sports bra doesn’t allow much movement, it’s definitely time to upgrade! If you’re a Yin Yoga fanatic, give our Bendon Active Sports Bra a try. 

Why you’ll love it: 

Designed with you in mind, this style has a generous stretch which offers great mobility. It’s also designed with breathable mesh inserts, which allows moisture to evaporate easily, which is perfect if you’re working up a sweat. You can focus on holding long yoga poses and stretching without any restriction. You can even change the straps to cross back, which will give you even more flexibility; what more could a girl want? 

Hear from the customers who have tried, tested and given this sports bra their stamp of approval: 

“Best Sports Bra - Absolute love. I love a bit of padding, loads of support, easy to move and very comfortable. I now have 8 of these!” - Julie 

“Super comfortable - The active sports bra is so comfortable that I purchased 7 of them. The quality is great, I love the cut, and I would happily recommend them to anyone.” - Yadigar 

Great comfort and easy to wear - Very comfortable bra with nice fabric, able to alter how you want the straps to work for you depending on comfort. Glad I purchased 2 of them, would definitely buy again when needed.” - Joanna 

“My new Active Sports Bra is so comfortable and fits me perfectly.  I struggle at times to find a comfortable bra,  as some years ago I had a partial mastectomy and to get a bra that fits 'both sides' takes a bit of doing. This one fits the bill!” - Pauline

3. Bendon Sport Sport U/W Bra

For the ladies with a larger bust, you can’t go wrong with our Bendon Sport Sport U/W Bra. Designed to keep you cool and dry so you can focus on your yoga practice. At Bendon, we understand that comfort is a priority when it comes to sports bras. The Bendon Sport Sport U/W Bra is specifically designed for a larger bust, available in sizes 10C to 40G. It’s designed to minimise breast movement, the cup has a large surface area to keep your breasts perfectly in place. If you’re looking for comfort and functionality, you just can’t go wrong with this style. 

Why you’ll love it:

The padded underwire minimises friction to prioritise your comfort. The wide straps also work to reduce the impact on your breasts while working out. As if that wasn’t enough, this bra features padded side cups and a front strap that offers superior support and hold. 

With over 70 five star reviews, we’re sure this will become your go-to sports bra. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some of the reviews:

“So comfortable and supportive. I feel confident working out at the gym, knowing that this bra fully supports me. Not only is it so comfortable to wear, but it also looks good. Great under singlets.” - Linda 

“Sports Bra Perfection! - This is my second Bendon Sports Bra, and it's the best I've ever owned! I am a 12E, and it's comfortable, adjustable and fits perfectly. Sometimes I forget I'm wearing it! I have tried other brands but always come back to this”. - Surene

“Looks good, fits perfectly, but most of all, this has to be the most comfortable and supportive Sports Bra I have ever purchased!” - Tania

“Best high impact Sports bra - I've been buying this bra on repeat for years. Comfortable and lots of support for high impact activities.” - Lauren



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