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5 Things to Look for in a Sports Bra

1. Support

The most important thing to look for in a sports bra is how supportive it is. Different levels of activity require different levels of support. Why? Because the type of exercise you do has an impact on your breasts. There’s a big difference between a low-impact sport such as yoga and a high-impact sport like running.Research has shown that during activities such as running and jumping, bare breasts move up and down as much as 12 cm. With this in mind, you should choose sports bras that suit the activity level of your workout; this will ensure the best support and optimal comfort during your training and also keep your breasts perky in the long term.

Making space in your busy week for some movement is one of the biggest acts of self-care you can do for yourself. Exercising improves mental clarity and works towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In saying that, it can be one of the first things to fall off our radar when we’re busy. But, nothing motivates us to go to the gym quite like some new workout gear. 

Sports bras are an important item to have in your wardrobe - especially for women with large breasts where breast tissue can be permanently damaged without the appropriate support. Get sore muscles (not sore breasts!) when you workout. To make things a little easier, we have listed the top five things to look for when you’re shopping for a sports bra. 

Low Impact Sports Bras

Low impact sports bras are non-restrictive, so your breasts have more room to move. They are often made from a stretchy fabric which makes them super comfortable for everyday wear. Low impact sports bras are perfect for women with smaller breasts and specifically designed for low-impact exercises like yoga. However, this style might not offer enough support if you have larger breasts. 

Our Ultimate Stretch Crop Top is the perfect low impact bra solution. The microfibre fabric is super stretchy, it’s seamless construction makes it super smooth against your skin, which means you can enjoy your next 90-minute yoga class in comfort.

Medium-Impact Sports Bras

Sometimes we need a little extra support from our sports bras to fight the effects of gravity. Consider a medium-impact sports bra when going to your next spin class. This should minimise breast movement, keeping the girls contained while allowing you to move comfortably. Keep in mind that this style of bra won’t be suited to a burpee challenge or anything that involves super-quick movements. You’re going to want to stick to light cardio, pilates or cycling in this style. 

Our Bendon Sports Sport U/W Bra features a full underwired cup, so it will keep your breasts in place during your light cardio classes. It features side boning that provides firm support and keep everything in its place. And with over 50 five-star reviews, it’s clear our customers have trialled, tested and love it too. 

High Impact Sports Bras

For the women who loves high impact classes, you’re going to need a high impact sports bra. This style is designed to give the best support by restricting breast movement. Some high impact sports bras have  compression features that prevents bouncing and other movements. It’s perfect for fast-paced classes like HIIT and boxing. It should fit firmly, giving you the confidence to go fast and hard in your class, knowing your breasts are securely in place. 

Our Bendon Breathe Sports Bra is the perfect solution for high-intensity workouts. Although it may look like a crop top, this style is designed with a “w” wire for maximum support. The fabric controls moisture, allowing sweat to be drawn away from your body quickly. The wide multiway straps increase comfort and allow you to tailor the bra to suit your workout.

2. Fit

When you’re shopping for any bra, you should be prioritising fit above all else. This is particularly important when hunting for the perfect sports bra. There’s nothing more distracting than an ill-fitting bra when you’re trying to get through a workout. At Bendon, we’re obsessed with fit and love helping our lovely customers find their perfect match.

Tips for finding the perfect fit and size for sports bras

Sports bra sizing can differ a little from brand to brand, but we recommend that you buy your usual size. Visit your local Bendon store, pick up a few different sports bras and head to the changing room. If you’re shopping online, find your size through our fit finder. Here are our top tips for finding your size:

  • Don’t be afraid to move around; why not jump around a little to get a feel for how the sports bra holds your breast from excessive movements.
  • Ensure the cups fit well. Sports Bras are usually slightly compressive in fit, so make sure there is no space between your breast and the cup.
  • Look for a sports bra with wide, adjustable straps. This will stop your straps from digging into you.
  • Check that the back strap position is not rubbing against your shoulder blades when you move your arms - try stretching your arms forwards and then contracting backwards and notice any friction points.
  • Like any bra, most of the support should be coming from the bottom band, not the straps, so make sure the fit is snug to your body and close to the bottom of the breast tissue, not sitting on top or too far away to provide support.
  • Ensure the cups of the bra are correct, there’s no spillage or side boob, and the underwire doesn’t dig in.
  • Remember that depending on the exercise or activity on the cards, you may need to check whether you will spill out from the neckline when bending over
  • 3. Cut and style

    Finding the perfect sports bra is all about your personal preference. It might take some time before you find the perfect one for you. Everyone’s different, and what works for some women might not work for others, so it’s worth trying a few different styles and getting familiar with what you like. Here are some key things to look for when it comes to a comfortable fit and style: 

  • Breathable fabric
    The best sports bras are made from moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics often knitted from nylon or polyester fibers. When you’re working up a sweat, you want your sports bra to transfer sweat away from your skin to the surface of the bra and then evaporate. This way, you will be kept dry as you continue your workout. Keep your eyes peeled for special information on product tags that highlight fabric functions on each product.
  • Adjustable straps
    Comfort is key, particularly when you’re trying to get through a high-intensity workout. Exercise can be strenuous enough on your body, so ensure you have the right gear to be comfortable. A sports bra with adjustable straps will allow you to tailor the bra to your own body. This will offer more support, keeping breast movement to a minimum.
  • Easy to put on and take off
    Make things a little easier for yourself and find a sports bra that is relatively easy to put on and take off. Although support should be your top priority when looking for a sports bra, you don’t want to get stuck in a twist in the changing room in your local gym.
  • 4. Fabrication

    When it comes to the fabric of your sports bra, it pays to know what you’re looking for. It’s not difficult to find a cheap sports bra, but your breasts will thank you for buying one that has been designed with your workout in mind. Ensure the fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking to help with sweat. The material of your bra should have a high stretch to allow you to move in it. Above all else, you want to feel comfortable, so be sure the sports bra you choose is soft and won't irritate your skin. Sports bras with removable pads, multiway straps, minimal hardware, seamless construction are all plusses too!

    5. Quality

    After all that effort shopping for a sports bra, the last thing you want it is to fall apart after a few wears! Sports bras go through wear-and-tear much more than your everyday bras, so buying quality over quantity is not only good for you but is also good for the planet. At Bendon, we pride ourselves on our lovingly crafted bras. We design bras with you in mind so that you can feel supported throughout the day, and our sports bras are no different.

    Look for sports bras that are easy to care for, and ensure you can realistically follow instructions for washing and drying. Check out our guide to learn more about caring for your lingerie. 

    Find the best sports bra for you at Bendon

    Finding the time to fit regular exercise into your busy schedule can be hard enough, so why not make life a little easier by finding the perfect sports bra. Whether you’re a high-intensity workout fanatic or prefer the slower pace of yoga, we have a sports bra that works for you. Now that you’re fully equipped with all of our insider knowledge you can move on to the fun stuff.

    Shop our sports bras and get ready to hit the gym!

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