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Breast Shapes

What factors determine breast shape

Wondering why your breasts are the shape they are? Genetics do play the most significant part in determining the shape of your breast. However, the following factors will also influence your breast shape:
  • Age
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Pregnancy and breast-feedng
  • Exercise
  • Why it's important to get to know your breast shape

    All bras serve a different purpose; each style supports and enhances a particular breast shape more than others. Knowing your breast shape and what typically suits you will help guide you when shopping for the right bra for your boobs.

    Explore our list of 9 typical breast shapes and what bra styles we recommend each breast shape to try

    By no means are these the only bra styles that will suit each breast shape; however, we choose them for their proven track record of success.


    Some say great things come in small packages. Most breasts require less support, which allows the luxury to not necessarily base your bra choice on the support it offers.


    Styles to try:

    Wire-free / Bralette  or Soft Cup This is an easy-to-wear comfortable style that also offers lightweight support. Wire-free Bras can also provide discretion under clothes and is an excellent option as a first bra. Contour If you want to create more shape and cleavage for your small boobs, a contour style is another great go-to. Contour foam cups provide an excellent rounded shape and flattering cleavage.

    Shop styles suited to Small Breasts


    Known to be naturally perky, round breasts are equally full at the top and the bottom.


    Styles to try:

    Balconette This style enhances the natural fuller shape of round shaped breasts through the horizontal cut of the cup and wide set straps.


    Shop styles suited to Round Breasts


    Bell-shaped breasts are shallow at the top and fuller at the bottom, resembling a bell.


    Styles to try: 

    Full Coverage
    If you’re after coverage and comfort, this practical style bra provides natural shape, the highest level of support, and an accommodating fit for different cup sizes. 

    Shop styles suited to Bell-shaped Breasts

    Wide Set

    Wide-Set breasts navigate different directions, meaning one points to the left and one points to the right. Another attribute of the Wide-Set shape is that there is a larger space between your breasts and your nipples point outward. 


    Styles to try: 

    Push-Up This style works extremely well with Wide-Set breasts as the angled cups draw the breasts together, creating the appearance of a fuller, more round shape.

    Shop styles suited to Wide Set breasts


    Slim breasts are longer than they are wide and the nipples tend to point downwards. A common problem that this shape faces sometimes is the bra cups fitting too wide for it. 


    Styles to try: 


    This style can be the perfect solution to support the weight and shape of Slim breasts. A Plunge bra can limit breast movement by pushing the breasts together, also creating flattering cleavage! 

    Shop styles suited to Slim Breasts


    Athletic breasts are small but wide, and feel firmer as opposed to squishy. Athletic shaped breasts feel firmer than most because they have a higher muscle to fat ratio, and because of this they often tend to be on the smaller side and don't require a lot of support.


    Styles to try:

    Wire-free / Soft Cup  or Bralette

    An easy-to-wear comfortable style that also offers lightweight support. The under-band of this style provides comfortable, soft, and stretchy support to the often-larger under-bust that accompanies Athletic shaped breasts. Demi /Balconette. The horizontally cut cups, meaning this bra is less likely to gape on smaller more muscular breasts. In addition, a Demi / Balconette style also lifts the breasts to enhance the natural shape, creating a rounder and fuller look.

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    Almost every pair of breasts has one breast larger than the other and a moderate difference in shape, however sometimes the difference in size and shape in pair of breasts is more prominent, sisters not twins, right? Here's the part where we usually suggest particular styles that we know will support and enhance a particular shape, but because Asymmetric breasts are all different from one another and can fit well across a range of styles, there's no one style that stands out as the best solution. Because of this we suggest that if you are the owner of Asymmetric breasts, come and visit one of our stores and get fitted by one of our friendly bra fit experts so that we can help you find the style that works best for you. In the meantime if you’re looking for a quick fix, we offer removable push-up inserts that can help equal out a difference in shape and size. 


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    Conical breasts slope downwards toward the nipple, and the nipples tend to point outward quite prominently.


    Styles to try:


    This style helps to create the appearance of a fuller, rounder shape. In additon, Push-Up Plunge Bras create an attractive lift, and the angled cups draw the breasts together creating a flattering cleavage. Another tip is to wear a padded bra as opposed to a soft cup bra; this will help cover your nipples from showing through your top!

    Shop styles suited to Conical shaped breasts


    Similar to Bell shaped breasts, however Teardrop shaped breasts are rounder and are only subtly fuller at the bottom than they are at the top, also the nipples tend to point downward.


    Styles to try:

    Demi Bra / Balconette

    This style helps to lift and create a natural, fuller shape. The horizontal cut of the cup and the wide-set straps lift the breasts to enhance the natural shape, creating a rounder and fuller look.

    Shop styles that are suited to Teardrop Breasts