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We're building our conscious ranges, improving material sourcing and production processes, as well as improving factory conditions while promoting women's health and wellbeing so that you can feel confident in Bendon Lingerie products for life.

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Conscious Ranges

We're committed to building our conscious ranges, whilst balancing the fit, quality and comfort you would expect from Bendon Lingerie brands. We're genuinely excited to launch our first conscious range of lingerie – Bendon Conscious Simplicity and Flo.

Unlike clothing, buying secondhand lingerie is not an option, so customers are looking for conscious products that minimise environmental impact – reducing demand for new virgin plastic and decreasing everyday waste. Alongside consciously created products, maximising the life of your garments by correctly caring for them is another way of reducing waste.

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Factory Standards

We're committed to improvingour factory standards. Currently our factories are audited to ensure standards around age, working conditions and pay are satisfied.

Moving forward, we'll be going above and beyond this. We have commissioned an independent audit of these factories so that we can look for further improvements to be made.

We also ask all our factories to agree in writing to our Bendon code of conduct, so we can be confident in the wellbeing of our partners.