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The Ultimate Guide to Strapless Bras

Historically, strapless bras get a bad rep. They’re sometimes known for being uncomfortable to wear or unreliable, failing to support your breasts when you need them most. Because strapless bras don’t have straps to hold them up, so have the potential to fall down - certainly not what you want to be worrying about!  At Bendon, we believe all women deserve to feel comfortable, supported and confident in whatever bra they choose to wear. 

A strapless bra has many benefits and can be an asset to your bra collection when you have a great one that fits comfortably. In this guide, we’re breaking down the types of strapless bras and solutions to restore your faith in this little secret weapon, because there’s SO much to love about this versatile bust-supporting invention!

What is a Strapless Bra?

Strapless bras are subtle lingerie solutions for when you don’t want bra straps distracting your look but still want your breasts supported. Also known as a tube bra or a bandeau bra, strapless bras are ideal for wearing under tops and dresses with open necklines. They give you the freedom to rock anything from summer dresses with spaghetti straps and strapless body-con dresses, to slinky off-the-shoulder evening wear. They are most commonly available in neutral colours, like shades of nude as well as white and black for utmost discretion.

Why wear a Strapless Bra?

As well as being indispensable in your event-dressing arsenal for weddings, formals and school balls, strapless bras are also essential for everyday wear. If you’re a fan of delicate straps, halter tops, racer-back necklines or bandeaus then strapless bras are a must.  Offering support, comfort, and shaping like a regular bra without pesky bra straps,  a strapless bra will be your “almost invisible” best friend.

It’s also a good idea to have different kinds of strapless bras in your lingerie collection to cater to different occasions and outfits. Let’s dive in and figure out what you need!

Features of Strapless Bras

Non-slip strips  around the inside of the bra band help the strapless bra grip tightly around your torso. These sturdy strips prevent slippage because you don’t want to find your strapless bra sitting down around your waist.

Underwire  provides a solid support structure and helps shape your cleavage.

Soft fabric  on the outer layer of the cups keeps visible lines to a minimum ensuring a smooth silhouette.  

Push-up padding is featured in some strapless bra cups to give your breasts a pick-me-up.

Encased boning on the side panels provides additional structural support, pushing your breasts forward.

Back fastenings can include 3 or 4-way hook-and-eye closures. For larger busts, the more hooks you have, the more hold you’ll get!

Longline strapless styles offer further support by redistributing support across your rib cage. 

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Plunge Strapless Bras

Characterised by a deep plunging neckline, this strapless style suits dresses and tops that show off your cleavage. Plunge strapless bras will offer lift and coverage where you need it while keeping your bra hidden within the deep plunging neckline. 

For low-cut or backless dresses, you may find yourself needing a plunge strapless bra that comes as a self-adhesive stick-on or winged style. These styles differ from a regular bra that fully wraps around your body, instead,  sticking to your breasts and/or the sides of your torso. 

‘Winged’ Strapless, Backless Bras

The most invisible bra of them all,  a winged strapless and backless bra stays hidden even when wearing styles that have low backs, open shoulders, and plunging necklines - a bit of a miracle bra! These styles offer lift, shaping, and support without the help of any straps or back band. Sticky adhesive ‘wings’ stick gently to the sides of your body to keep the bra in place. The cups of winged bras may be made of fabric padding or silicone. 

Clear Strap Bras

While technically not strapless, clear bra straps create the illusion of being strapless and are much more subtle than traditional bra straps. Clear bra straps are the perfect option for when you don’t want to wear a strapless bra or you want a bit of extra support, but still want to achieve a no-strap look - for example, under sheer tops. Keep in mind that clear bra straps attach to strapless bras, so you’ll still need a bra that you can remove the straps from to hook the clear bra straps through.

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Multi-way and Convertible Bras

What is a multi-way bra we hear you ask? While again, not technically a strapless bra, it is a great lingerie solution for wearing underneath different necklines. ‘Multi-Way’ or ‘Convertible’ bras take versatility and bang-for-your-buck to a whole new level. You can unhook the straps from their normal position and thread them either around your neck for a halter-look, criss-cross them on the back for a racer-back look, or use a single strap only on one side for any off-the-shoulder look. What you’ll get is the full support of a regular bra whilst keeping your straps hidden through these nifty manoeuvres.

Who Can Wear a Strapless Bra?

Strapless bras can be worn by anyone and everyone! While they can be a little less supportive than regular bras, when fitted correctly strapless bras should be comfortable and reassuringly secure. 

For women with larger busts, shopping for strapless bras can be extra challenging as it can be harder to find a strapless bra with a sufficient level of support to help one defy gravity. Not to worry D-G ladies, you haven’t been overlooked by our lingerie store! We have designed a strapless bra specifically for you, and it is 5-Star rated for the level of security and support that it provides.

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Why Do Strapless Bras Fall Down?

We’ve all had to do the awkward “shimmy-and-pull” to bring your strapless bra back up to sit where it’s supposed to be. But like any Bendon bra, getting the fit right is the most important thing for a confident look.

Your strapless bra is worn out

The elastic properties that you will find in the bands of strapless bras have a limited life and require delicate care. It’s super important to closely follow the care instructions to give your bras the best chance at a long life! A delicates wash bag plays a key part in protecting your lingerie during a wash. 

Depending on how often you wear your strapless bra, the elastic properties may eventually stretch out and no longer offer the support you need. For this reason, coupled with our constantly changing bodies and breasts, we suggest replacing any bra that doesn’t serve the purpose that it should. 

Make sure to check the fit of your strapless bra before the day you get ready for a special occasion. Strapless bras are supposed to help not hinder, and nothing ruins plans quite like a wardrobe malfunction at the foundation of your outfit! 

Your adhesive is no longer sticky

For stick-on bras, your adhesive should remain sticky for a long time with proper care. Again it is important to follow the care instructions closely. If your strapless bra has lost its stick, it’s unlikely to stay where it belongs, cue wardrobe malfunction. To fix this, gently clean your sticky bra using mild soap and warm water. Avoid bleach, alcohol, or strong detergents.

Make sure your skin is clean and dry when you apply a self-adhesive stick-on bra, as sweat and moisturisers can prevent it from adhering properly. 

Check out our other tips for caring for your lingerie.

Reasons your strapless bra isn’t staying up

Your strapless bra band is too narrow

The majority of support comes from the bra band, especially for bras that are free from straps, which is why the band on your strapless bra should feel a little tighter than the band on your regular bra. The most supportive strapless styles have a wider band because this provides more area to distribute the support. 

Women with larger busts have complained of backaches when wearing strapless bras, this is often due to the back band being too narrow and loose. Therefore, it’s really important to seek strapless bras with wide bands that will do all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you’re less likely to end up with a backache or a sliding bra halfway through your bottomless brunch. Learn more about what makes d-g cup bras different.

Your strapless bra is too loose

Your strapless bra should be firm-fitting. Not so firm that you feel suffocated but snug and secure enough that you feel confident to go about your day without the fear of slippage! You may need to size up or down from your usual bra size to get the best strapless bra fit. 

Fit Tip: Make sure if you go down a back size when you go up a cup size, and if you go up a back size you go down a cup size, this is called your ‘Sister Size’. 

For the best fit results, we highly recommend you get fitted in-store. You can use our size guide for help when online shopping for your strapless bra.

Your strapless bra is missing a no-slip grip

One of the most important features for helping a strapless bra stay up is a small line of grip tape that’s built into the bra to help keep it in place. It’s unlikely that you will find a strapless bra from us that is missing a no-slip grip, but if you do find that you are missing this grip you can buy double-sided dressing tape to help keep your bra in place. 

Choosing the Best Strapless Bra For You

The best strapless bra is one that fits properly, flatters your figure, stays in place (out of sight!), and is so comfortable you forget that you are wearing it. It’s there when you need it and makes occasion and event dressing a breeze. 

To find the best strapless bra solution for you, head into your local Bendon store for a fitting, preferably with the dress, top, or garment that you need to find the perfect bra for. 

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Ready to find the perfect strapless bra that won’t leave you hanging? Lingerie is the foundation of every outfit, and to do your outfits justice you need to find the perfect intimates to pair with your looks. Strapless bras shouldn’t droop down to your torso, and the “shimmy and pull” should be the name of the funky move that you’re pulling on the dance floor this summer, not the awkward hoist-up of your strapless bra. We hope we have redeemed your trust in the wonderful strapless bra! Shop supportive and comfortable Strapless and Multi-Way Bras.

Our helpful fit experts will pair you with the right strapless bra so you can feel confident no matter what the occasion calls for. Our team takes great pleasure in helping you find the perfect underwear to make your outerwear pop!

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