Handy Tips for Making Your Bras More Comfortable



Get ready for a comfort upgrade with our guide to better bras. We know finding the perfect fit can be tricky, but we've got easy tips to make your comfier. From fixing straps to stopping underwires from poking, these simple tricks will have your bras feeling super comfy. Let's make your bra-wearing experience a whole lot better.

Top 10 tips for making bras more comfortable

Let's jump into the top 10 tips to make your bra days the comfiest ever.

1. Look for adjustable straps

Choosing bras with adjustable straps can really improve how comfy your day is. These special straps let you make the bra fit you perfectly by adjusting the length to match your body shape. It's not just about stopping those annoying shoulder digs – having adjustable straps means you can get the right support whenever you need it. 

This isn't just good for your comfort now; it also makes your bras last longer because it reduces the strain on the fabric and elastic. No more fidgeting throughout the day – with adjustable straps, your bra stays in place, giving you a comfy and personalized fit that moves with you. Embrace the idea of making things just right for you and boost your comfort with bras that focus on both looking good and feeling great.

2. Make sure the bra band fits

Making sure your bra band fits just right is like setting the stage for super comfy days. If it feels too tight, chances are your bra size needs a check. A good-fitting band shouldn't pinch or feel uncomfortable; it should be snug around your ribcage, like a cozy hug. 

Use the two-finger trick – if you can slide two fingers under the band comfortably, you're good to go. The right band isn't just about comfort; it's your bra's support superhero. It makes sure the weight is spread out evenly, so your straps aren't doing all the work and causing discomfort. So, aim for a band that feels just like a gentle hug – snug, comfy, and ready for a day of easy wear.

3. Think about the level of support you need

When picking a bra, think about how much support you need based on your daily activities and body. If you have a smaller bust and want a comfy choice, try a wire-free bralette. These bras give a natural shape without tight underwires, letting you move freely. 

Whether you're busy during the day or winding down at night, a wire-free bralette is a versatile choice. Choose soft fabrics like cotton for extra comfort and breathability. Whether you prefer the relaxed feel of a wire-free bralette or the support of a traditional bra, go for what makes you feel good and confident every day.

4. Ensure you buy the right size

Make sure your bra fits just right – it's crucial for both comfort and support. Get professionally fitted at Bendon to find the perfect size that suits your changing body. Check your measurements from time to time since our bodies can change. When buying bras, go for quality from trusted brands that offer a wide range of sizes and styles for different bodies. 

Comfort should be your priority, as a well-fitted bra not only feels good but also boosts your confidence. So, when it's time for a new bra, focus on getting the right size and quality for a day of comfort and confidence.

5. Keep an eye on your underwire

Watch out for your underwire – it's a vital part of your bra's support. If you feel poking or irritation, it means your bra might need changing. You can try gently bending the underwire back into shape, but if the problem keeps happening, it's time to get a new bra for more comfort. 

Choose bras with well-behaved underwires to make sure your day is irritation-free. Regularly check your bras for any underwire issues to catch problems early and make your bras last longer. So, when your underwire acts up, take it as a cue to get yourself a new, more comfortable bra.

6. Follow the washing instructions

Keep your bras in good shape by washing them right. To maintain their elasticity and form, follow these simple washing steps. Wash by hand using lukewarm water and mild detergent or use a delicate lingerie bag in the washing machine. Avoid wringing or twisting your bras. Let them air dry instead of using a tumble dryer to prevent damage. While you don't need to wash bras after every wear, a gentle wash every 3-4 wears is a good idea. Treating your bras with care during washing ensures they stay supportive and comfy for a longer time.

7. Be mindful of materials

Think about the materials your bras are made of for the best comfort. Go for breathable fabrics like cotton or microfiber to stay cool and comfy all day. This is extra important for sports bras – look for high-performance materials like nylon or polyester that give you the right support and keep you dry. 

Check for any fabric allergies you might have and choose hypoallergenic materials to avoid skin irritations. Being mindful of the materials not only makes your bras more comfortable but also helps them last longer.

8. Be wary of side boob

If you see bulges or spillage on the sides, your bra might not be the right fit. To fix this, try bras with wider side wings or panels – they help smooth and contain the underarm area. This is important because side boob issues mean your bra isn't giving you enough support, making you uncomfortable and affecting how you look. Choosing bras with these features not only solves these problems but also makes you more comfortable and confident. A well-fitted bra gives you the right coverage and support, making you feel at ease and stylish all day

9. Rotate your bras regularly

Make your bras last longer and stay comfy by switching them out regularly. Rotating between a few different bras helps spread out the wear and tear, so they don't wear out too quickly. 

This not only makes your bras last longer but also keeps them comfortable for a more extended time. Wearing the same bra every day can make it less comfy as the elastic fibers lose their bounce, so having different bras allows each one to recover and stay in good shape. 

By reducing the strain on the fabrics, hooks, and elastic, you avoid too much wear and tear, ensuring your bras stay comfy and in good condition. Make it a habit to switch up your bras, and you'll have a well-maintained lingerie collection that lasts.

10. Regularly reassess your bra size

Make sure your bras always fit right by checking your size regularly. Women's bodies change a lot due to things like weight, hormones, and pregnancy. Your breasts might get bigger or smaller, and that's okay. 

Checking your bra size during these changes helps you stay comfortable and supported. Whether you're gaining or losing weight, going through hormonal shifts, or experiencing the beautiful journey of pregnancy and motherhood, adjusting your bra size is important. 

Get professionally fitted to make sure it's accurate, and let your bras be there for you, offering the right support and comfort at every stage of your life.

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Whether you're tackling side boob troubles, extending the life of your bras, or navigating changes in your body, these tips have got you covered. It's all about embracing self-care and confidence through bras that fit just right.

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