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If visible panty lines underneath clothing are one of your fashion faux pas, this article is for you. Nothing can interrupt the flow of a faultless outfit more than panty lines. Thankfully, there are plenty of seamless options out there that will get rid of underwear lines once and for all, so you can wear your favourite outfits with zero worries.

Read on for our top invisible underwear options that will look (and feel) like you’re wearing nothing.

But first, what are panty lines?

We’re sure most women have experienced visible panty lines (also known as VPL) at least one time in their life. But if you need a quick refresh: VPL is essentially the lines of your panties showing through your clothing. And while visible underwear lines aren’t the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunction to ever happen, they are one of the most annoying—unless you’re going for that look, then more power to you.

What causes visible panty lines?

Simply put, VPL occurs when you’re wearing the wrong type of undies underneath your clothing. Thick panties or panties with excess fabric are often the culprits causing VPL—we’re talking thick cotton panties, oversized styles, poorly constructed undies, and any underwear with heavy seams.

While roomier, comfy styles are great for wearing at home in your sweats, they are prone to creating those stubborn panty lines when worn underneath more tight-fitting clothing, such as dresses or pants. Too-tight panties can also create VPL by indenting into the bum and forming an obvious line. The key here is wearing well-fitted underwear that’s neither too tight nor loose.

How do you get rid of visible panty lines?

The good news is that VPL is totally curable, and no, you don’t have to go commando. You can easily hide visible panty lines by wearing clothing with a bold, busy pattern or print. This will distract the eye and make it much harder to see any VPL. Wearing thick, textured fabrics such as denim or tweed will also hide panty lines better than thin, slinky fabrics. 

Or you can choose the proper undergarments that will minimise any chance of VPL. Our best advice? Avoid panties that have heavy seams whenever you’re wearing slim-fitted clothing. Instead, opt for a panty with smooth lines and thin fabrics, like any of the seamless styles below.

Panty styles that hide visible panty lines

Live without the dreaded visible panty line with these panty solutions.

Seamless panties

Seamfree briefs are one of the best underwear options for hiding visible panty lines. These seamless panties are exactly as the name suggests, seamless! They’re made without any restrictive waist elastics or seams often responsible for VPL. Designed to smooth out those pesky lines, you can wear these panties under slim-fitting trousers, skirts, dresses, and more. Also noteworthy: Seam-free briefs are comfortable enough to wear all day long, which is why it’s so many women’s go-to everyday style.

Key features include a soft knit material that is comfortable and form-fitting in all the right places, so you always achieve a smooth finish. Not to mention, seamless underwear comes in a variety of cuts, colours, and styles. From full-coverage high-rise briefs to high-cut briefs, we offer seamless styles you’ll want to live in.

Suggested styles:

Pleasure State Fmo Smooth Brazilian Brief

Bendon Seamless High Rise Brief

Bendon No Show High Rise Brief

Bendon Weightless Lace Midi Brief

Bendon Seamless High Cut Brief


You might be surprised to know that Boyshorts can also be a great option for minimising VPL. This is because they are a really high coverage style, with most boyshorts ending right under the curve of the bum. Because they sit underneath the cheek rather than cutting across it, they can be a good VPL solution when worn with the right clothing (like tight jeans or a mini dress, for example). Many boyshorts also come in seamless styles, sheer fabrics, or feature a lace hem, which provides an even smoother line for invisible coverage.

Suggested styles: Bendon Morning Lola Boyleg Brief

Bendon COMfit Collection Midi Brief

Fayreform Lace Perfect Midi Brief

Lovable Sexy & Seamless Boyshort Brief


Thongs are a perfect panty option for minimising visible panty lines. This beloved underwear style offers minimal back coverage, using most of the fabric at the crotch to keep you comfortable and covered (much more so than going commando). By keeping your bum uncovered, thongs reduce the appearance of lines and are extremely discreet under clothing.

Thongs come in various different styles. Traditional thongs will sit on the hips and are perfect for wearing underneath body-con dresses, tight-fitted skirts, pants, or leggings. There are also high-waisted thongs, which offer just as much (or should we say as little) coverage on the bum but more coverage around the hips and tummy. The high rise is perfect for wearing underneath dresses, skirts, or any style of high-waisted pants. 

G-strings, which are similar to thongs but are indeed their own category, are another superb style. They have less cloth and thinner straps compared to the thong. While they offer less support and coverage than a thong, the more minimal design helps eliminate any chance of panty lines. 

Thongs also feature different fabrics and colours, from sexy lace to lightweight cotton to seamless stretch fabrics. Case in point, any thong you choose will do a fantastic job minimising VPL.

Suggested styles:

Bendon No Show High Rise Thong Bendon Morning Lola Thong

Bendon COMfit Collection Thong

Bendon Seamless Thong

Pleasure State My Fit Lace Thong

Bendon Clemence Thong

Bendon Lace Thong


Wearing seamless Shapewear is another amazing solution for hiding pesky panty lines. Shapewear is designed to smooth out lines and be virtually invisible under clothing with the added bonus of tummy control. Not only does shapewear help you look and feel your best, but it enhances your natural curves in the most flattering places. 

Shapewear is a wonderful option for special events when you want to be seam-free and snatched. But many styles are comfy enough to be worn regularly, too, as long as they’re not too tight. At Bendon, we offer some of the best shapewear. From bodysuits to shorts to high-waisted briefs, there is something for every outfit.   

Suggested styles:

Bendon Medium Control High Waisted Brief

Bendon Everyday Light Hold Waisted Brief

Bendon Medium Control Jumpsuit

Bendon Medium Control Waisted Brief

Bendon Medium Control High Waisted Shaper Short

How to choose the right solution for you

When it comes to shopping for panties that reduce the appearance of panty lines, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, remember that thinner fabric means less chance of panty lines, so opting for thin underwear made with smooth, seamless materials will lower your chances of lines peeking through your clothing. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few different seamless panty styles in your arsenal ready to go; that way, you always have your ideal VPL solution on hand.  

The right VPL solution for you ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you plan on wearing. Sometimes comfort is key with a stretchy bikini brief or boyshorts. Other times, smaller underwear options, like a G-string, will hide the best under clothing. Below are some key takeaways. 

If you’re looking for something with more coverage …a seamless panty may be a better option than a thong. 

If you’re looking for something that can cinch you in at the waist …you might prefer shapewear.

If you’re looking for a minimal panty you can wear underneath any outfit … a no-show thong might be just the one. 

If you want something pretty and delicate …soft and stretchy lace fabrics are not only beautiful, but they can be undetectable underneath clothing.

If your waistband is digging in …try wearing a high-waisted panty or shapewear.

Ready to say goodbye to VPL?

Visible panty lines don’t need to be a common occurrence as long as you have the right garments to keep you smooth and seamless. The key is to choose invisible underwear options – seamless panties, boyshorts, thongs, or shapewear – in your perfect size. While each of these undergarments works wonderfully for getting rid of VPL, you may prefer certain styles to others. 

At Bendon, we have a vast range of options that will rid you of VPL for good. Browse our selection of briefs and try different styles to see which seamless panties work best for you.  

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