Getting ready for motherhood is an exciting journey full of joy and anticipation. But finding the right bras for pregnancy and beyond can be a bit tricky. It's about getting comfy bras that support you during every step of your maternity adventure and match your changing style. 

Here at Bendon, we understand this quest, so we've created a simple guide to help you out. Join us as we explore the best styles and features that not only give you support but also celebrate the amazing changes your body goes through – from pregnancy to those special postpartum moments. It's more than just bras; it's about feeling confident and comfy while embracing motherhood.

How to find the best bra for maternity and postpartum

When it comes to finding the perfect bra during pregnancy and postpartum, it's all about addressing your specific needs.

You can either head to a Bendon store for a professional fitting or use easy online guides to figure out your size from home. 

Look for bras with adjustable features to accommodate your changing shape, and consider ones with a bit of extra room for nursing pads or breast shells, making sure you stay comfortable. 

Opt for bras made from breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics to avoid any irritation on your skin. Having different bras for different stages of pregnancy, nursing, and beyond is a smart move, ensuring you're well-prepared for whatever comes your way with ease and comfort.

What are the different types of bras for maternity and beyond?

As we explore maternity bras, we'll discover different types designed for expectant and nursing mums. Understanding these options is essential for finding comfort and support during this special time. From seamless bras for extra comfort to nursing bras with handy features, each type is tailored to specific needs.

Maternity bras

When you're on the lookout for a great maternity bra, go for one that's seamless and without wires. This choice ensures top-notch comfort and flexibility. Pay attention to adjustable straps and back closures – they're essential to accommodate the changes in your bust size during pregnancy. 

A wide band in the bra is a smart feature, providing extra support and preventing any discomfort. Some women might like bras with removable padding or moulded cups for added breast shaping. These options make sure your maternity bra not only supports you well but also adjusts to your changing needs during this special time.

Nursing bras

When you're looking for a nursing bra, choose one with front-opening clasps or drop-down cups – this makes breastfeeding easy and accessible. Wide shoulder straps are important because they spread the weight evenly, reducing strain and making it more comfortable for you. The fabric in these bras is stretchy, accommodating changes in breast size and engorgement as needed. 

Go for breathable materials like cotton or bamboo to prevent any irritation and keep you comfortable. These features make nursing bras a supportive and convenient choice, tailored to the special needs of breastfeeding mums.

Woman holding baby and breast feeding baby

Postpartum bras

When you're on the lookout for a good postpartum bra, focus on finding something super comfortable. The key is to choose bras that not only offer support but also ensure your comfort, providing the needed support for your breasts as you recover. 

Look for bras with compression features – these help reduce swelling and support the healing process. Seamless designs with wide bands are great, minimising any irritation in sensitive areas and adding extra comfort. 

If you're thinking about getting back into some movement or exercise after having the baby, consider adding sports bras to your postpartum wardrobe. These features make postpartum bras essential for ensuring comfort and support as you recover from childbirth.

Maternity bra solutions available at Bendon

Entering the world of motherhood brings unique needs, especially when it comes to maternity bras. Bendon understands this journey and offers a variety of maternity bra solutions for expectant and nursing moms. These bras are designed to provide the right mix of support, comfort, and style.

me. by Bendon Elodie Maternity Bra

Let's talk about the Elodie Maternity Bra from me.bybendon – it's all about making you feel comfy and stylish. This bra is extra special because it's seamless and without wires, keeping you super comfortable during maternity and beyond. 

With adjustable straps and back closures, it grows with you, adapting to the changes in your bust size during pregnancy. The wide band is there for added support, ensuring you stay comfy all day. 

What's cool about this bra is that it comes with removable padding, so you can shape it just the way you like. The Elodie Maternity Bra is made to support you through every stage of your motherhood journey, making it a fantastic choice for both maternity and beyond.


Bendon Nurture Maternity Bra

The Bendon Nurture Maternity Bra – your go-to for comfort and support. This seamless and wire-free bra is all about keeping you cosy during pregnancy and beyond. With adjustable straps and back closures, it adapts to your changing bust size, ensuring a personalised fit. The wide band adds extra support, so you can feel at ease all day. 

What makes the Bendon Nurture Maternity Bra stand out are its breathable materials, keeping you feeling fresh, and the stretchy fabric that adjusts to changes in breast size.


Answering your frequently asked questions about maternity bras

Curious about maternity bras? We've got your back! In this section, we're tackling the questions you often ask about maternity bras. Whether you're wondering when to start wearing them or if underwire is safe during pregnancy, we're here to make things clear

When should I start wearing maternity bras?

Curious about when to start wearing maternity bras? Usually, it's a good plan to make the switch during the second trimester, especially when your regular bras start feeling a bit tight or uncomfortable. Keep in mind that every woman is different, so you might feel more at ease switching a little earlier or later based on what feels right for you. 

Pay attention to your body, and when you notice the need for extra comfort and support, that's the signal it's time to consider embracing maternity bras for a cosier fit during your pregnancy journey.

Can I continue wearing my regular bras during pregnancy?

Wondering if your usual bras can tag along during pregnancy? Well, some might find them cosy for a bit, but many moms-to-be swear by maternity bras. Why? Because they're specially designed to support the changes your breasts go through during pregnancy. 

As your body transforms, it's a good idea to go for bras that can adjust to these changes, giving you the support and comfort you need during this unique time.

Are underwire bras safe to wear during pregnancy?

Wondering about underwire bras during pregnancy? Yes, it's okay if they fit well and feel comfortable. But, lots of mums-to-be switch to wire-free maternity bras for extra comfort and to avoid any issues with breast development. It's all about what feels best for you!

How do I determine my correct size for a maternity bra?

Worried about getting the right size for your maternity bra? Don't stress! If you can, visit a Bendon store for a professional fitting. 

But if that's not doable, you can do it at home. Just grab a measuring tape and measure your bust and underbust. It's easy! Our detailed guide will walk you through the steps, making sure you find the perfect size for your maternity bra without any confusion.

Ready to find your perfect maternity bra?

We've covered the basics to make it easier for you. We discussed the benefits, when to start wearing them, and whether underwire bras are safe during pregnancy. Finding the right size is crucial, and Bendon is here to help.

Ready to experience the comfort and style of Bendon's maternity bras? Visit a store for a professional fitting or check our online guide for measurements at home. Embrace the journey with Bendon – where comfort meets style in every maternity bra.



Bendon Nurture Maternity Bra



Bendon Nurture Maternity Bra




Elodie Maternity Bra




Elodie Maternity Bra