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How to choose the perfect shapewear for you?

Shapewear has been around for a long time, evolving from steel corsets, whale bones, and girdles to the little miracles that helped many of us squeeze into a slender outfit for a special occasion. However, with the technologies available to us today, shapewear is undergoing its next phase of transformation and trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

When you think of shapewear, you might think “suffocating” or “restrictive” - what if we told you that’s no longer the case? 

Comfort equals confidence in our books, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Bodywear - the new shapewear - and help find the right solution for you.


“Comfy and secure - Low impact shapewear that is comfortable enough to wear all day”Tyler R (NZ) on Medium Control High Waisted Shaper Short

What’s the difference between shapewear and bodywear?

Traditional shapewear was the go-to solution for event dressing - weddings, galas, balls and fancy dinners. Unfortunately, they are designed to compress and reshape your body into someone else’s ideal and are often uncomfortable to wear for longer than a few hours - maybe even less if eating or sitting are on the cards! 

Bodywear is designed to accentuate your natural curves, not fit you into a mould. The firm fabrics often used in shapewear are replaced by intelligent knitting technology paired with refined yarns to create elasticity that balances “hold” with the organic movements of your body. The result, an undergarment that is perfect for everyday wear and virtually undetectable under clothes.

In short, traditional shapewear is more restrictive and compressing, while bodywear is supportive while still letting you breathe and move. 

How to choose the right Bodywear

1. Stick to your size

It’s tempting to size down when choosing bodywear if you’re trying to achieve an extra firm fit, but we don’t recommend it. Bodywear is designed to fit you firmly and comfortably in your usual dress size, so sizing down may cause unnecessary discomfort or cause the garment to squeeze or create bulges where you don’t want them. For a perfect fit, choose your bodywear according to your normal dress size using the size guide below. You can also find this size guide by clicking the “Size Guide” button on the product pages for easy reference.

2. Choose the level of support you want

Everyday Light Hold

Choose styles from this solution if you're looking for the perfect invisible base layer that provides jiggle control and delivers a sleek silhouette under any outfit. In addition, the clean-cut and bonded finishings across this solution makes for a second-skin fit that's second to none.

Medium Control

Choose styles from this solution if you are looking for incredible firming and sculpting of targeted areas - options for fuller figures to slim and smooth for everyday confidence. Seamfree knitting technology creates 360° support with minimal show-through under clothing. All styles in the Medium Control range are knitted from certified recycled yarns.

3. Choose your coverage

When choosing your bodywear, you might like to think about what types of outfits you want to wear it under, and what areas you want to smooth or support. 

All Over Sculpting

The Convertible Straps Jumpsuit is a customer favourite because of its versatility under clothing with open or cross backs and halter necks. Adjust the shoulder straps to hook into any latch along the low-back edge to accommodate your outfit. Again, you don’t need to wear briefs under this style - there is a special gusset opening at the crotch to make going to the bathroom less troublesome.

The Bodysuit targets firming of the core whilst lifting your butt and bust. The full-back coverage also smooths the upper back and underarm, matched with a high-cut leg line making it incredibly versatile to wear under any hem length.

Upper Body

All briefs and shorts styles across both Everyday Light Hold and Medium Control support and smooth curvy hips and help firm your core at the corresponding level of support. 

It's important to note that the Medium Control solution has two different waist heights on shaper shorts. The High Waisted Shaper Short for sizes XS-XL are worn right up under your bra/bust. This style features light spiral boning at the waist to help keep the shorts from rolling at the waistline. This same style for sizes 2XL-4XL features a more substantial waistband in place of the boning for increased comfort on fuller figures.

The third waistline to note is the Waisted Shaper Short. This mid-rise style sits at the natural waist to offer tummy support and is better suited to wear under skirts and trousers, especially if wearing a cropped top

TOP TIP: It’s a common misconception to wear briefs under Bodywear. Your favourite pair of briefs have just met its match - Bodywear briefs like the Everyday Light Hold BriefMedium Control Waisted Brief or Thong are designed to be an everyday staple so you can go about your day while it works its magic.

Lower Body

The Everyday Light Hold Shortie is made from quick-dry fabrication. This style provides chafing control, making wearing skin-tight clothing in clingy and high-stretch fabrics an absolute breeze.

In Medium Control, all styles with legs, like the Jumpsuit and any shorts, provide chafing control whilst sculpting your thighs and lifting your butt. But, again, choosing the right waistline height will depend on your outfit in mind. 

4. Find the best style for your outfits

Top bodywear picks for tops, dresses and jumpsuits

Perfect for wearing under tops Dresses and jumpsuits

Available in Black, Mocha and Caramel

Medium Control Jumpsuit

Medium Control Bodysuit

Everyday Light Hold Waisted Brief

Medium Control Waisted Shaper Short

Top picks for skirts and trousers

Bendon offers a range of everyday staples for enhancing your body's natural shape.

Available in Black, Mocha and Caramel

Everyday Light Hold Waisted Brief

Everyday Light Hold Shortie

Medium Control High Waisted Brief

Medium Control Waisted Shaper Short

TOP TIP: When putting on your Bodywear, be sure to pull it up through your legs. It’s obvious on briefs and shorts styles, but even on the Jumpsuit, Bodysuit and Tank, pulling the undergarment upwards will help you defy gravity and give you the lift you’re after. 

Join the shapewear revolution and choose Bendon Bodywear

Our friendly in-store fit experts are always here to help you find the right Bodywear solution for you. So you can feel confident and comfortable for life.

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Prefer to shop online? Take advantage of our helpful size guide, or hit up our team via live chat. Shop the full range of  Bendon Bodywear.

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Comfort equals confidence in our books, so we are thrilled to introduce you to Bodywear - the new shapewear - and help find the right solution for you.