At Bendon, we've been in the business of curating and developing lingerie for nearly 75 years now.  We've made it our mission to revolutionise the lingerie industry and have always been dedicated to quality and innovation.

When listening to what our customers were telling us they wanted from a modern lingerie brand, it became clear, that today’s brands need to stand for something, they need to dig a little deeper than skin deep and given how acutely personal lingerie is we knew that a one look fits all approach was no longer good enough. 

We then crafted a brand that is about celebrating your individuality, and a positive expression of your self, whoever you are and whatever type of style.  Our highly experienced technical designers then set about to hone, tweak and test the engineering of this lingerie to make this brand come alive.  They brought back some of our best-loved signature styles such as Zoe, Sofia and Morning Lola which have stood the test of time and created some new on trend fashion pieces, by sourcing some of the latest laces and colours to introduce our new contemporary ranges such as Captivate me, Naturally me, and Ultimate Stretch. 

To bring the campaign to market we chose a group of girls who really lived the essence of this brand.  We heard their unique stories of personal strength, and listened to them define their authentic selves.  They choose how they wanted to define themselves through such words as Goofy, Determined, Lover, Real and Authentic. 

As a Brand

We believe in being  beautiful, by your own definition. ​​ 

We believe in being  strong, when it feels like you can't. ​​ 

We believe in being  brave, from the power you have within. ​​ 

We believe in being  playful, because life is too short.  ​​ 

We believe in being  confident, especially when others doubt you.  ​​ 

This is a brand that whilst designed by bendon, it is completely defined by you. 




Me by Bendon​ 


Love your style, the team at Bendon Lingerie x