The Ultimate Guide to Men's Underwear Styles



Men are notorious for holding onto and wearing pairs of underwear way past their use-by date. Think thinning fabric, holes, and rips. And sure, while not everyone sees your underwear, it’s still a wardrobe staple that deserves to be fresh and well-fitting, offering support as you go about your day. 

If your underwear collection has seen better days, it might be just the time for a much-needed refresh. There are many different options on the market, so it’s crucial that you buy the best underwear for you. If you’re shopping for your partner, this task can seem a little daunting if the world of men’s underwear is a little foreign to you – but don’t stress! We’ve got you covered.

Our Ultimate Guide to Men’s Underwear covers everything you need to know about different underwear styles for me, what styles best suit who, the fabric options on offer, and so much more. 

In this guide, we’re breaking down everything you need to know

Briefs or Y-fronts

Briefs, also known as the contemporary version of a Y-front, have an elastic waistband, little coverage, and no leg restriction, making them comfortable and easy to wear. The style offers plenty of support in the front and is considered the most traditional of men’s underwear styles.

Who are briefs best suited to?

This style is ideal for men with larger thighs. Because the briefs have no restriction around the upper leg, you don’t have to worry about fabric riding up or tightening up throughout the day. Briefs can also be helpful for those who have an active lifestyle, as there is plenty of support and cupping in the front region. Briefs offer maximum breathability and less restriction and are particularly popular with those who lead an active lifestyle, or who like wearing slimmer-fit trousers and don’t want any underwear lines or bunching.


Trunks are a relatively newer underwear style that offers a slim, supportive fit and bears a similarity to the boxer brief. The main difference between the boxer brief and a pair of trunks is that trunks have slightly shorter legs, sitting just at the mid to upper thigh.

Who are trunks best suited to?

This style suits men who want a little extra coverage than what the brief offers. The snug fit means trunks are appropriate to wear under any clothing, making them a versatile choice for any man’s wardrobe. Their cut can also make smaller thighs appear larger, which can be a good confidence booster for some men. In fact, they are ideal for leaner men as they are less likely to ride up and cause discomfort.

At Bendon, we have an extensive range of trunks in different colours and patterns, which is perfect for those who like a bit of personality in their clothing.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are the perfect mix between briefs and trunks. They are slightly longer in the leg than trunks but still offer that slim, supportive fit

Who are boxer briefs best suited to?

With longer legs than trunks (typically hitting mid to lower thigh), boxer briefs offer the most coverage. This longer length helps prevent chafing, which is helpful if this is something your man is prone to. The slim fit means they can be worn under any clothing without issues, making them a very versatile style. Boxer briefs are ideal for taller men, as they often have a higher waistband that reduces the chance of them slipping down throughout the day.

Like trunks, boxer briefs are a stylish option that often comes in various patterns and colours.


Whether you’re a boxers wearer or not, almost everyone is familiar with this classic men’s underwear style. While this style is not as commonly worn by men today, there is a time and a place for a classic boxer, and this style is known to have some die-hard fans. Men’s Boxers tend to have more fabric than modern styles (mentioned above), so while they were classically worn under suits and roomier pants, they are often considered too voluminous and likely to bunch under more fitted trouser styles and jeans.

Typically made of pure cotton, boxers are loose-fitting and let air circulate freely. While they may not be a go-to choice for every day, this looser style may be preferred for sleep.

Check out the Bendon Man Cotton Basic Men’s Trunk for a loose-fitting style

that’s akin to a traditional boxer.


That’s right—thongs aren’t just for ladies. Men’s thongs or g-strings are a skimpier brief style that offers support while allowing you to be semi-commando. 

The jockstrap was invented in 1874 to provide comfort for bicycle jockeys who needed a bit of extra support, and the same principles apply when it comes to men’s thongs. The front pouch offers snug support and is popular for playing sports or wearing under gym leggings and compression garments. 

Our Bendon Man Cotton Stretch Men’s Thong is one of our top-rated

styles, and while it might not be for everyone, for the converted, it’s a total game-changer.

What style of underwear is best for men?

At Bendon, we understand that everyone is different, which is why we don’t think that there is any one style that is better than another. The best choice will largely come down to aesthetic preferences and what is most comfortable for you (some styles will be more comfortable for some body types than others). 

Finding the right size is also very important. If you choose underwear that is too small, it’ll feel tight and restrictive, which is a recipe for discomfort. While going a size too big will mean your underwear is more prone to bunching and riding up (or down). If you’re unsure of sizing, the team at Bendon Lingerie can help you select the right products in store, or check out our handy size guide for checking your measurements at home.

What fabrics are best for men’s underwear?

Choosing the best underwear isn’t just about style—it’s about the fabric they are made of too. There are a lot of different fabric choices out there, and it’s something to take into account when picking out underwear for your man since each material can have varying levels of comfort and breathability.

At Bendon, we only use the best fabrics – like cotton and modal – as we want everyone to feel confident and comfortable when wearing our underwear. Most underwear is also made with a synthetic stretch element like lycra or elastin which helps underwear to keep it’s shape over time, fit securely and move with you throughout the day

Shirtless man sitting back in a chair in his trunks

Sustainable bamboo

Bamboo might not be the first fabric choice that comes to mind, but it is an excellent option as it’s sustainable, comfortable, and breathable. It also helps fight off nasty bacteria that may lurk down there, making them very hygienic as well as hard-wearing. 

Bendon Man Bamboo Men’s Brief

Bendon Man Bamboo Men’s Trunk


The fabric we all know and love—Cotton is known for being soft, comfortable, and breathable. These are all great qualities for underwear, as this material is suitable for everyday wear and keeps everything cool and hygienic. At Bendon, we go beyond standard cotton, offering cotton-rich and Supima cotton options

Cotton-rich fabrics offer extra durability when compared to standard cotton.

Bendon Man Retro Print Trunk

Bendon Man Coolmax Everyday Men’s Trunk

While Supima cotton is the strongest cotton of all, making your guy’s underwear last longer than ever before. It offers impressive colour retention properties too, keeping colourful patterns looking sharper for longer. 

Bendon Man High Tech Cotton Men’s Trunk

Bendon Man High Tech Cotton Men’s Brief

Performance fabrics

As the name implies, performance fabrics are designed to support your performance when it comes to more active pursuits. Performance fabrics when used in underwear offer impressive moisture-wicking properties to keep you feeling cool and comfortable down there, even when working up a sweat.

Bendon Man Performance Men’s Trunk

Bendon Man Sports Man Short Trunk


Modal is a bio-based fabric made from spinning beech tree cellulose. It’s considered a more sustainable fabric option and offers enhanced durability, breathability, and comfort, while feeling very similar to cotton. 

Bendon Man New Era Modal Men’s Trunk

Why do men’s underwear sometimes have an opening?

When women are shopping for men’s underwear, they frequently get stuck on whether to buy a pair with or without an opening. So let’s cut right to it – the opening is exactly what you think it’s for. 

When using the urinal, it can be faster and more efficient for men to utilise the opening. This type of underwear is often referred to as a Y-front. This cup construction is known to offer a lot of support as well. Men’s underwear that doesn’t have an opening provides a bit less support but may be a more aesthetic choice for some tastes. In fact, there is such a thing as too much support – so it all comes down to personal preference.

What is the most popular men’s underwear style?

Like women's lingerie, men’s underwear is all about options. There is no one-type-fits-all style. It largely comes down to what is most comfortable for your body type, your wardrobe choices and your lifestyle. Some men with larger thighs love the freedom of briefs, whilst guys with leaner legs might be perfectly happy with a good pair of trunks or boxer briefs. 

If you are buying for your man, take a close look at what he already owns and get him something in that style. Chances are, he bought that style for a reason. 

In terms of colours and prints, a lot of men opt for classic black underwear – which you truly can’t go wrong with! 

Davenport Bodyfit Men’s Boxer

Bendon Man New Era Modal Men’s Trunk

Bendon Man Seamless Men’s Trunk

Bendon Man High Tech Cotton Men’s Brief

For those that like a bit more personality in their underwear, opt for something with colour or pattern.

Bendon Man Rugby Stripe Men’s Brief

Davenport Bodyfit Men’s Trunk

Bendon Man Retro Print Men’s Trunk

Bendon Man Rugby Stripe Men’s Low-Rise Trunk

Finding the best men’s underwear at Bendon

The best men’s underwear is all about great style, fit, and fabric. Hopefully, with this in-depth guide on men’s underwear, you were able to find out which fabric choices to go for and what styles will best suit each body type. Once you narrow those things down, finding the ideal fit will be a breeze. 

If you are looking for quality men’s underwear for your man, check out our Bendon men’s underwear range. With a wide array of styles and designs, it’ll be easy to find the perfect pair (or two, or three!).



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