Top 5 Bra Characters Every Woman Needs In Her Life


Ever pulled out that to-die-for dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion only to find you don’t have the right bra for it? Or, running late in the morning, and you have to choose between wearing a bright pink lace bra under your white blouse or go through a whole outfit change?

Don’t worry, ladies, you’re not alone! Unless you’re the lucky few who enjoy ‘Marie Kondo-ing’ their underwear drawer regularly, most of us go through life hoarding bras simply because intimates are a woman’s best friend. They’ve been through good and bad times with us and supported us unconditionally; we totally understand that it’s hard to part ways!


However, like anything you use on a daily basis, bras get worn down with every wear from a combination of friction, sweat, deodorant, moisturiser and washing. As Fit Experts, we recommend replacing a bra after about 180-wears - which translates to around six months if it’s one that you wear often.

As much as we’d all love a complete lingerie makeover, most of us don’t have that luxury, and we don’t think “Extreme Lingerie Drawer Makeover” is a real show (yet!?). So, we’ve summoned a few bra characters to help keep your lingerie in healthy rotation and your wallet full.


#1 The Everyday Champion

Morning person or not, we all need a streamlined experience picking out an everyday bra so we can get on with the busy day ahead. 

Priorities: Comfort, support and versatility

When choosing your Everyday Champion, you need to consider your breast shape, lifestyle and personal preference. For example, what are you most likely to wear during the week? What’s your laundry routine like? Three to four options here should get you through the week nicely.

  • Two in a neutral colour like black, white or nude - again, choose with your outfit choices in mind
  • One for more casual looks - Underwire, Bralette and Wireless Bras are great options here (as long as they suit your breast shape)
  • One for medium to full support - try T-Shirt, Push-Up Plunge and Contour Bras


#2 The Action Star 

With the rise of activewear as casualwear, the line between style and support for Sports Bras has been ingeniously blurred. 

Priorities: Innovation, comfort, support and style

When choosing your Action Star, you need to consider your exercise routine and breast size. Those who love low-impact sports like yoga, pilates or a brisk walk can select styles with foundational support in high-stretch sweat-wicking fabrications. On the other hand, if you’re more into F45, sports involving running, or if you have larger breasts, you’ll probably need the ‘whole nine yards’ of Sports Bras.

The amount of sports bras you need will depend on the number of times you exercise in a week. We suggest at least two in your drawer as a base and use one per session of exercise. 


#3 The Spy 

Let’s face it, as women, we have it good when it comes to fashion; slinky dresses, strapless tops, backless jumpsuits - you name it. So make sure you have a few Swiss Army Knife-Esque bras that keep you confident in those tricky outfits.

Priorities: Versatility, security, support, discretion

When choosing your Spy, don’t just think about what’s currently in your wardrobe; fashion is ever-changing, better to cover all the bases. We recommend filling your drawer with two bras and a couple of Solutions.

  • One light or nude tone Strapless Bra with removable straps
  • One in a dark or black colour
  • A couple of Solutions like our adhesive plunge bra, silicone nipple covers and dressing tape


#4 The Show-Off 

Flaunt it for you, flaunt it for that special someone in your life; either way, nothing makes us happier than knowing you’re confidently showing off what your mama gave ya! Express yourself in luxurious laces, rich jewel-tone colours and 200% boost cups. 

Priority: Something “extra” - whatever that means to you

When choosing to Show-Off, be creative and have fun with experimenting outside of your comfort zone. If you never try, you’ll never know! This is 100% a treat-yourself type of situation, so please, treat away.


#5 The Special Agent 

Life brings us all sorts of wonders, and these Special Agents are here to help on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Maternity Bras - We understand that this magical period of your life is also one of the most challenging, so you’ll need bras that are just as tough as you. Fit, durability and comfort are of utmost importance; a good maternity bra will protect the sensitive breast tissue and ligaments that can be stretched during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. We recommend two to three to start and then add more later as required.


  • Minimiser Bras - Fun Fact: Contrary to the name, these bras don’t actually reduce your boob size. The primary mission for these bras is to add structured support, redistribute the bust and allow for reduced projection - think pointy peaks to rolling hills. So say bye-bye to those pulling and popping middle buttons on your favourite blouse! Stock up on one or two of these babies, or three to four if you end up loving them so much they become your everyday bra.


How Many Bras Should I Own: Conclusion

Keeping well-balanced bra characters in your life is the pinnacle of self-care. Remember, you don’t have to do this alone. There are friendly and knowledgeable Fit Experts at every Bendon Lingerie store who can help you find the best fit and style from our extensive range of lingerie.

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The bra obsessed team at Bendon Lingerie x