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Certain clothes require certain bras. (Sounds simple enough, right?) So when you reach for that plunge neckline dress or top, you need a bra that fits in all the right places and stays hidden where you need it to stay hidden. Enter the plunge bra. The plunge bra is a woman’s secret weapon for rocking those clothing styles other bras won’t work with. 

But the key to finding the perfect plunge bra for you is buying the right size. Would you believe us if we told you that around 80% of women are wearing the wrong size? Well, it’s (unfortunately) true, and we’re here to change that. Below, we’re highlighting the 5 most common plunge bra problems and walking you through how to solve them. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s go.

What is a Plunge Bra?

Before we jump straight into the ins and outs of plunge bra problems, you might be wondering what a plunge bra is. Essentially, a plunge bra is a bra that features angled cups and minimal padding. The angled cups gently push the breasts together, creating a subtle lift that removes the need for extra padding that other styles like push-up bras may use.

Plunge bras are also low cut (hence the name), though how deep the plunge goes depends on the brand and styles you’re looking at. The deep v-neckline creates a low centre gore that subtly lifts and draws your breasts together in the most flattering way. But while the low cut is essential for rocking your favourite plunging pieces, it’s the minimal padding and angled cups that minimize any gaping and make the plunge bra a go-to wardrobe staple. For many women, a plunge bra can be one of the most comfortable styles to wear daily, whether you’re wearing a low-cut neckline or not.

If you’re looking for more information, check out our in-depth guide: Plunge Bras 101.

5 Common Plunge Bra Problems and How to Solve Them

We know bra shopping can be tricky—and that goes for any bra style. But when you're shopping around for a plunge bra specifically, there are some common mistakes to avoid in order to achieve the perfect fit. To help you on your quest, we’ve identified the most common mistakes and advice on how to solve them.

1. There is space at the top of the cups

One of the biggest red flags you might notice when trying on plunge bras is extra space at the top of the bra cup. This issue is known as gaping, and it’s by far one of the most common plunge bra problems we see. Gaping indicates that your cup size is too big. So if you’re experiencing gaping, consider sizing down one cup size and seeing how that fits.  

Gaping issues with plunge bras also commonly affect women with bell-shaped breasts or breasts that are fuller on the bottom. The abundance of breast tissue at the bottom of the breast can potentially cause gaping at the top where there’s less tissue. But not all hope is lost! If you have bell-shaped breasts, you can consider trying a style with shorter bra cups, also known as demi cups, which will eliminate the excess coverage that bell-shaped breasts don’t need. 

Ultimately, you want the cups to fully contain your breasts in a way that feels comfortable and well fitted. Remember, a bra is there to support you, not swallow you. 

2. Your breasts are spilling out of your plunge bra

On the flip side, not having enough cup room is another common plunge bra problem. If your breasts are spilling out the top of your plunge bra, you could be wearing the wrong size. Consider going a cup size up, checking out the fit, and going from there. The right plunge bra for you should completely contain your breasts and banish any fears of falling out of it. The low-cut style doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice support and wearability. 

Spilling out of your plunge bra could also mean that this particular style isn’t working for your breast shape. The plunge bra should work for breasts of all shapes and sizes (depending on the style and fit). However, women with breasts that are fuller on the bottom can once again struggle with a plunge bra fit. If you’re struggling with spillage, try a plunge bra with a large centre gore, as this extra bit of fabric will help keep your breasts in place and give you that iconic plunge bra lift.

Ultimately, knowing which style works best for you is vital for stopping your breasts from falling out of your plunge bra. If you want more information on finding the perfect bras for your breast shape, check out our breast shape guide

3. Your bra isn’t sitting against your sternum 

Another common issue with finding the perfect plunge bra fit is if your bra isn’t sitting against your sternum. Your sternum or breastbone is the T-shaped bone located in the middle of your chest; it's also the area that plunge bras dip down to. Plunge bras that fit correctly will have a centre gore that sits perfectly against the sternum without any gaping or feeling too tight. 

If your plunge bra isn’t sitting against your sternum, this might indicate that the bra's cup size is too small, consequently lifting the centre fabric away from your chest. Centre gore gapping is an especially common problem for women with fuller, rounder breasts and can typically be fixed by opting for a plunge bra with a shorter, as opposed to longer, gore. 

But it’s not just cup size that can affect gaping—it’s band size too. When shopping for a plunge bra, ensure that the bra band fits firmly around your body. This is one of the most crucial components for finding a well-fitted bra of any style, and it will help you avoid fit issues like gaping around the sternum.

The band shouldn’t be too tight that it causes you pain and discomfort, but it should fit just snug enough that it’s comfortable enough to wear all day and provide you with the support you’re looking for. To check for the perfect fit, we recommend the finger test. If two fingers fit underneath the band in the back and one finger fits comfortably underneath the band in the front, then congrats! You’ve found your perfect fit.

4. You’re wearing the wrong size

We know the most challenging part of bra shopping is knowing whether or not you’ve chosen the right size. You might have a tried-and-true size at one store that completely changes when you shop somewhere else. Or you may always feel the need to try on fifteen different sizes because you’re just not sure—whatever the case is, you can avoid buying the wrong size by getting professionally fitted. 

Pop into your local Bendon store for a complimentary fitting. Our Fit Experts are ready to share tips and tricks for finding the perfect fit and what styles will work best for you and your breast shape. Alternatively, if you’re online shopping or can’t stop in, you can take our short fit finder quiz that helps you determine your bra size and ideal styles.

5. Your straps are slipping

In addition to their minimal padding, angled cups, and deep centre gore, most plunge bras feature wide-set straps. The wide-set straps help keep your bra invisible when you’re wearing your favourite low-cut top since they sit closer to the edge of your shoulder than typical bra straps. This design feature also helps keep the straps snug to your body—when you’re wearing the right size.

Another plunge bra problem we often see are bra straps slipping, which is one that affects women with sloping shoulders the most. Not only is this annoying (no one wants to constantly be pulling up their straps), but it can also be a sign that your cup size is too big, your straps aren’t tight enough or that your bra band isn’t in the right place. If your cup size is too big, you should also notice gaping around the top of the bra. If this is the case, try the next cup size down. 

If you are pretty sure your cup size is correct, but your straps still won’t stop slipping, you can try to tighten your straps and see if this solves the issue. Luckily, all the plunge bras on Bendon (except those that are strapless) feature adjustable straps that help give you your perfect fit. 

Another solution is to change the tension point of the straps so that it pulls toward the centre back of your body instead of relying only on your shoulders for hold. You can achieve this by experimenting with styles that feature multiway straps where you can adjust to a cross-back position or a bra strap converter that can hook the straps closer together at the upper back to create a racer-back effect.  

Plunge Bra Solutions Available at Bendon

Ready to say goodbye to gapping, spillage, slipping straps, and other plunge bra problems? We’re here for you. At Bendon Lingerie, we offer a wide variety of plunge bras that cater to every breast shape and size. Whether you’re looking for a lace plunge bra, a plunge bra you can comfortably wear all day or a plunge bra that gives you just the right amount of cleavage, we have something you’re bound to love.


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