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From pimples to periods, swimming sports to high-school crushes, there’s no shortage of overwhelming experiences that teenage girls have to navigate. We know first-hand that many teens avoid bra shopping because the thought of discussing breasts and bras with Mum and a complete stranger sounds like yet another overwhelming experience they’d just rather avoid. So with that in mind, we’ve created this guide to the best bras and bralettes for teens so that when she’s ready for bra shopping you can alleviate her stress and be an expert in the options available.

When should your teen start wearing bras?

There are no hard rules around when your teen should start wearing bras though there are some things you can keep in mind as a general guide. 

According to Carefree New Zealand, breasts usually begin to develop from 11 to 16 years old. Breast development is one of the earliest signs of puberty, and they are commonly referred to as “buds” when just starting to develop. When you notice breast buds developing this is a good sign that it might be time for your teen to start wearing a bra. When breasts begin to develop your daughter may experience breast tenderness or soreness, which is where the support of a bra can help her to feel more comfortable.

Your teen may have already chatted about this topic with friends at school or in puberty education classes, which may lead her to bring up the subject first. Sometimes girls who are not yet really developing may ask for a bra because their friends are wearing them. It’s important to acknowledge her experience and look to support her by helping her find a training bra as she grows. 

Most importantly, follow your innate Mum instincts and broach the topic when you think she is ready.

The benefits of being professionally fitted for a bra

Before you and your teen start bra shopping, it would be beneficial for her to get professionally fitted. Getting fitted will help guide which styles will be most comfortable for her and will ensure that the bra she takes home fits her perfectly.

Despite the idea that she may have in her head of what a bra fitting will be like, let us reassure you that a fitting with us is far from mortifying as our teams go above and beyond to make sure that it’s a relaxed and pain-free experience for all. Our Fit Experts have years of experience ensuring our fitting service is tailored to each customer’s wants and needs. Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time shopping with us our goal remains the same, that each customer leaves our store feeling comfortable, confident, and with the perfect fitting bra in hand.

Woman being measured across her bust to find the right size

Here’s a first bra fitting review from a Grandma of a 10-year-old girl that should help to ease any worries in your mind.

“Myself and my daughter went in to get my 10-year-old granddaughter fitted for her first bra and she was super anxious but this was important to myself and her Mum that she was fitted and learnt from this experience.

Well, it was absolutely FANTASTIC in every way, what a team. You have two very knowledgeable and honest, lovey sales assistants in Northlands. We left with a happy 10-year-old, stoked with how she was made feel and with a new and comfy bra on.” - Julie M.

If this is the first time your teen is getting fitted, read through our guide Bra Fitting 101 to learn all about what to expect when getting a bra fitting with us. This is a great guide to provide you with plenty of information to talk through any questions she may have. We believe bra fittings should be quick, comfortable and free from embarrassment - you can even be measured with your clothes on!  If we’ve left any questions about bra fittings unanswered, then please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or email us at, we are more than happy to help.

If your teen isn’t ready and a bra fitting in-store sounds all too cringe, then we encourage you to try measuring at home with our size guide. Once you’ve determined her size, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Here are our most popular bras for teens and developing tweens. 

Top 9 best bras & bralettes for teens

If you’re wondering what the best style of bra is for your teenager, you’re not alone. Whatever developmental stage she is at we have several options available for everyday wear. We believe that comfort is the number one priority, and because comfort is rather subjective when it comes to lingerie we have many different options available to suit all tastes. The comfort level between styles is often determined by an individual’s breast size and shape, which is why a bra fitting is a great opportunity to learn more about what styles are well suited to specific breast shapes.  

We encourage you to use the guide below as an opportunity to open up the conversation with your teen about what styles she likes and may want to try.

Here are our top picks of the best bras & bralettes for teens.

1) Lovable Seamless Soft Cup Bra

Lovable Seamless Soft Cup Bra bra feels like a second skin so your teen will forget she’s wearing it. This wire-free style starts right at AA-cup so is a great option for teens who are just beginning to grow breasts. This style comes in many different colours so she has the option to go basic or bold.

Shop Lovable Seamless Soft Cup Bra

2) bendon Ultimate Stretch Crop Top Bra

me. by bendon Ultimate Stretch Crop Top offers ultimate comfort for a range of different breast and body sizes. This style is made with an incredibly stretchy material that stretches to fit your curves, which is why Ultimate Stretch is made in only two sizes XS/S and M/L. Do keep in mind that the stretch material is thin and this bra doesn’t have any padding so it would not be the best option if she’s looking for padded nipple coverage, but is great as a training bra or your daughter's first bra

Along the crop top under-band and the matching brief waistband, you’ll find cute affirmations such as ‘I am beautiful. I am brave. I am playful’ for a daily positive pick-me-up. If she’s looking for a scoop neck crop top that doesn’t feel restrictive and offers plenty of flexibility, Ultimate Stretch is the one.

This style is currently available in some basic colours, as well as a rich shade of purple launching in August with a new V-neckline design.

Shop our available colours Nude Intime, Black, Copen Blue, Impatiens Pink, Laurel Wreath

3) Bendon Body Padded Wireless Bra

Starting at an A cup, Bendon Body Padded Wireless Bra is one of the brand's most highly rated signature styles as the level of comfort it provides never ceases to amaze customers. Featuring a scalloped neckline and jacquard straps that offer a lovely feminine flair. The v-neckline allows the wearer to be versatile with their choice of top. The soft padding in the cup provides subtle shaping making this bra a great option for teens who are feeling self-conscious about nipple show-through.

Shop our available colours Black & Nude

4) Lovable Perfectly Shapely Print Soft Cup Bra

Another ideal option for young women starting their journey with bras is the Lovable Perfectly Shapely Soft Cup which starts at an AA cup. If your teen is hoping to keep her transition to bras quiet, the back of this bra is seam-free so it sits extremely subtly underneath slim-fitting tops, it is also wire-free and foam-lined so extremely comfortable. A bonus feature of Perfectly Shapely Soft Cup Bra is that the straps can be adjusted, so your teen has the choice to wear the straps straight or cross-back. Some benefits of a cross-back bra, also known as a racer-back bra, are that when worn underneath tank tops the straps are hidden, and they can also help to improve posture if you find that your shoulders slump forward from the weight of your breasts, racer-back bras can pull your shoulders back to neutral.

Shop available colours Shell Pink, Ikat Print, Veiled Rose Print, Scuba Blue, Sunshine

5) Bendon Active Sports Bra

Some teens like the idea of their first bra being a sports bra because it’s a little more subtle than a regular bra. The Bendon Active Sports Bra is an underwired style that keeps you comfortable whether you’re wearing it leisurely or during a workout. Made from a four-way stretch fabric that allows for great mobility, this style also features padded shoulder straps that offer additional comfort. This is also a great option for any teen who is an avid sportswoman!

Shop available colours White ,

6) Lovable Seamless Contour Bra

Seamless Contour Bra is an iconic Lovable style that has supported A-D cups for many years. This style is Seamless Soft Cup’s sister but it features an underwire that offers great support, coverage and lift. Customers often call out their love for how well this style sits underneath their everyday t-shirts, so your teen can find comfort in knowing this style will sit subtly underneath their clothing. Currently available in 7 colours with more colours on the way, there’s a colour for all tastes, outfits, and days of the week!

Shop available colours Black ,White

7) Bendon Sport Sport U/W Bra

Bendon Sport U/W Bra is another great option for active teens who spend more evenings at sports practice than at home doing their homework. Featuring wide straps to help reduce impact and bounce, and breathable fabric that keeps you cool and dry. The difference between this style and  Bendon Active Sports Bra is the size range, this style caters for C-G cups and size 10-18 backs. We believe that large breasts should never stop us from partaking in exercise, so this style is a great option for busty teens that are craving support (and sport!). 

Shop available colours Black, Silver, White, Black

8) Bendon Tara Soft Cup Bra

Bendon’s Tara Soft Cup Bra is a great bralette option for teens as it features soft stretch lace that provides flexibility and comfort. With its Bendon branded wire-free under-band and its triangle cups this bra gives off ‘athleisure’ vibes, a popular trend amongst many young womens’ daily wardrobe rotation. The sizing of this bralette is different to regular bras as it doesn’t offer specific cup and back sizes as it is available from S-XL. With sizing like this we recommend this style for bust sizes between 8-12A-DD, 14B-DD, and 16B-D, this is because we don’t believe this wire-free style will provide enough support for the remaining sizes.

Shop available colours White

9) bendon Simply Me Full Coverage Contour Bra

me. by bendon’s Simply Me Full Coverage Contour Bra is unique in that it is made from modal cotton fabric which is smooth and comforting. This style provides support for 10-16 A-DD cups through an underwire offering full bust support. Soft floral stretch lace is featured over the sides of the cups adding a sweet feminine touch. This style is available in basic colours so is a great option underneath school uniforms.

Shop available colours Black

Answering your frequently asked questions

Is underwire ok for a teenager?

Yes. Research has shown that an underwire bra will not damage breast tissue or growth, however, it can feel uncomfortable if not fitted correctly.

If your teen has a fuller bust, an underwire bra is a great option to provide her with additional support. Those with fuller busts often find underwire bras incredibly comfortable as the underwire strongly supports the underbust. If your teen is feeling insecure about her fuller bust then an underwire bra with soft cups is a great option as it ensures there is no additional bulk that could make her breasts appear larger.

You may find that an underwire bra is her preference over a wire-free. Everyone has their personal preference so we encourage your teen to try an underwire bra so she can make an informed decision on what bra is most comfortable for her.

Are bralettes as good as bras?

Bralettes are a great bra option for comfortable everyday wear. Bralettes are wire-free meaning they are particularly popular with those who don’t need a lot of support. Support within wire-free styles is often found through the soft yet sturdy under-band. It is important to get sizing right to ensure your teen is receiving adequate support from her bralette. We do not recommend bralettes for E+ cups as they do not provide enough structure or support for these cup sizes.

Many women love styling bralettes as statement pieces which is why you’ll find many bralettes are designed with feminine details such as delicate lace, bows and buttons. If your teen is looking for a pretty style then bralettes may be the perfect option for her.

What is the best type of bra for teens?

The best type of bra for your teen is the bra that she feels most comfortable, confident, and supported in. When the time comes to go bra shopping with your teen, it’s important to have an open discussion about bras and what she is looking for.

If she is early on in her developmental stage and small breasts or even breast buds are starting to show then a subtle comfortable crop top or bralette is a great place to start. If she continues to grow it may become time to try a soft cup or a contour bra when she’s ready. If she’s developed quite quickly and has a fuller bust then we strongly recommend she tries a style with an underwire so that she’s getting the right level of support.

A professional bra fitting is a great place to start as our Fit Experts will seamlessly guide you through the variety of options available in her bra size and encourage your teen to try different styles to find what is best for her.

Shop bra and bralette solutions at Bendon

Buying your first bra is a special moment and we want to ensure your teen has a positive experience that she can cherish forever. We have many different bras and bralette options available for your teen when she is ready to start her journey with bras. Our Fit Experts are located in every Bendon store and offer free bra fittings every day, no appointment necessary. Whatever developmental stage she is at, we are ready and waiting to help her find the perfect bra for her.

Bring your teen and come visit us in-store today.

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